18 Reasons Why Married Men And Women Never Come Home Anymore

  • 1
    Text - I'm 8 months pregnant and want a divorce. My husband is never home and when he is, he's loaded.
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  • 2
    Hair - My husband is never home. When he is home he is so mean and hurtful. lam so lonely and want to leave.ljust dont know howlcould make it work being single mom W
  • 3
    Text - Finding it hard comake up excuses as towhy my husband is always gone.cant tell my son dady is with friendsagain bonight because he hates speding tmo withus I
  • 4
    Text - leheat because my wifeis never home and dumps the kid on ma.My wife is actualygone Somuch my toddler calls the woman Im having an afFair wth imommy
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  • 5
    Font - Isit realy wrong for me to want to have an affair? My wife is never home andIm only human..
  • 6
    Footwear - Mywife is NEVER aroundbut elwas chnkslincheating UmmIm with the kids
  • 7
    Text - Imjealous of mysingla friends because my husband is never home and Im lonely, What's the point anymore?
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  • 8
    Text - I'm married but my husband is never home. Always out cheating traveling with other girls, sleeping at their house.l'm done sitting around waiting for him.Iwanna go out and have Fun
  • 9
    White - My husband is gone somuch that lfeel ikemy kitls hardy know him Es sad
  • 10
    Nail - habe that my husbands always gone. But honestlyit's the norm for us,Idont know what to expect when he's home everyday and at a normal time
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  • 11
    Text - Sertouslyordered Chinese For me and my cab because my husband is never homeandl have no friends
  • 12
    Text - ve lost the drive to get out the house Ivegained weight, bost contact with friends and stopped caring about mysel. work at home and my husband is always gone.I eel ike lm dying slowly
  • 13
    Text - My husband is never home and when he is he never has Lime forma Solsiped upandslept with one of my guy Priends twice, Im afraid to bell him becausellbve him. Youdont cheat on those you love
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  • 14
    Text - My husband is never home,he Works like crazy! But we get along better when he's not at home We just push each others buttons.
  • 15
    Text - Beinga single mom with a two parent income sucks. My husband is always gone. When he's here,he never even notices me.
  • 16
    Text - My wife ts always gone Im ucky to see her for two hours a day. Sometimes it feels ike Im not even married!
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  • 17
    Sky - My wife is always gone. When she's home, she is glued to her phone.We never talk anymore.. e
  • 18
    Text - If it aint bad enough that my wife is never home, Ifound she emáils herphysically& ermotionally abusive ex husband every week atleast once Sometimes more!UI L الا يرتضي غير السماحة


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