TikTokers are Confessing the Terrible Thing they Did as a Child that They Now Regret


Kids will be kids and it's not always so innocent. Sometimes there's that natural instinct to be a little evil in order to get revenge, because you're envious, or whatever. It's natural, we're all humans. But also because we are all humans, we feel regret from these mean actions as well. As adults, we all can think back on something we did as a child that really makes us cringe now. But that's what growing up is all about. Being able to take responsibility for your actions and apologize. Now people on TikTok are confessing what they did as a kid that they now feel bad about as an adult.


Steal Kid's Lunch (Original)


The original video that calls on other TikTokers to share their stories came from @joe_erwin_comedy. His story was about how when he was in school he would trick his friend into giving him his lunch. And by trick I mean straight up bamboozle. He would do the classic, “hey, what's that over there?!” and when the kid turns his head, he would steal his lunch and eat it.


Reaction to Original


It got so viral that the kid this guy used to bully saw the video too and posted a duet to it reacting to it. Luckily he accepted his apology. 


Bullies from the FBI

Convinced their classmate that there was a portal to another dimension in a brick wall that he could run through. The kid learned the hard way that there was no portal…


Fake Report Card

She fully planned out on how to make a fake report card and then continue the ruse. She's now an adult and still has never told her mom the truth. Her mom put it in her bible and said it was her “mother's day” present. 


Gum in Hair

His brother was picking on him so he smacked a big 'ole glob of bubblegum in the middle of his head. He was so afraid he was going to get in trouble, that he took some more gum, plopped it on his own head, and told his mom his brother started it. They both go in trouble. 


Xbox 360 Won & Lost

A boy at this girl's school won an Xbox 360 from his Lunchable and everyone was so excited. She stole the paper that said he won, but then realized her parents would know she stole it! So instead of returning it, she threw it away… 


Filled Listerine with Rubbing Alcohol

This girl was experimenting in the bathroom and drank some of the Listerine thinking she'd get a little tipsy. She got scared her parents would notice, so filled the bottle back up with rubbing alcohol. 


Play Dead

This girl was popping wheelies on a wheelchair when her brother came out and tried to mess with her. He jumped on her lap and they fell backwards. The sister hit her head on the concrete and decided to play dead to get revenge on her little brother. 


Eat Dirt

This guy told his sister if she ate dirt she could join the club him and his friends were in. She did it, but they still didn't let her in…


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