Dating Fails

This Woman Changed the Captions on Her Instagram to Reveal the Truth About Her Terrible Ex

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    Well, He Seems Nice

    Screenshot - PHOTO е 30w Patty's Berries & Bunches 74 likes We finally made it to riverhead to (where my car broke е berry picking. down and he just yelled at me а
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    Probably Not a Good Sign...

    Text - 0 76% ooo Verizon 3:22 PM PHOTO 46W Rockefeller State Park Preserve Oo o 79 likes This was the first time his family е heard about me even though we had been TG since October #loved

    But everybody moves at their own pace...

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    That's Definitely Not Okay, Right?

    Text - ooo Verizon 48% 2:04 PM PHOTO 43w е 81 likes The girl he banged in high school came to e visit 2 weeks after this pic was taken and he told me I would just have to deal with it

    Is that normal? 

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    He Probably Should Have Put the Phone Away at That Point

    Interaction - oo Verizon 47% 2:06 PM РHOTO е lax prom 2k14 64w 67 likes е screenshotting nudes from a whore on tinder the same day and lied to me about it He was actively receiving and View all 6 comments E
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    Well, At Least He Didn't Ruin Everything?

    Screenshot - o0o Verizon 2:17 PM 42% с PHOTO e 28w Hatherly Country Club 81 likes Great day, but he still sucks


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