Next Time You're Going to Get a Haircut, Plan What You'll Say to the Barber Carefully

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    Weirdly Enough, It Also Depicts My Future Prospects

    Text - barber: what u want özil: gimme a line graph to show crude oil prices in $/barrel from 2014-2015 barber: certainly Brent crude oil price S per barrel 120 100 80 60 40 L OZIL JFMAM J J ASONDJ 2014 2015 Source: Thomson Reuters
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    I Prefer My Haircuts Well Done

    Hair - Barber: What you want? Him: Medium rare please Barber: Say no more
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    Add a Little Pink so It's Feminine

    Hair - Barber: Whatchu want? "I want everybody to know that I'm offended by everything." Barber: Say no more
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    Give Me That Over 9000 Hair

    Hair - 2:39 PM 4E 30% Tweet Barber: What you want? Them: I need to fight Frieza Barber: I got you Reply to Wallcrawling Menace
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    Best Barber in Gotham City

    Hair - "I want the haircut I deserve, but not the one I need right now." Barber: say no more BAD AND
  • 6

    Gimme That Truther 'Do

    Hair - Barber: What you want? Her:inside job Barber: Say no more
  • 7

    What a Prick

    Hair - Him: I want something that really shows who I am inside Barber: say no more
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    That, Sir, is a Mustache on Your Forehead

    Face - Barber: "what do you want?" Him: "ahh give me that Squilliam Fancyson. Barber: "say no more fam. IG: BarberMemes
  • 9

    Fighting Hair Oppression One Bald Spot at a Time

    Hair - Barber: Watchu' want fam? Girl: I want a haircut that expresses my inner desire of being a quad-gender foxkin childsexual who is the leader in the fight against the patriarchy. Your male presence and masculinity is oppressing me as well, so give me a discount for having to risk r pe in this barber's chair at the hands of the hetero-normative patriarchal society. Barber: You fucking asked for it.
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    Just Don't Touch Your Controller After You Touch My Hair

    Product - Barber: What do you want Guy: Cheetos puff me up fam
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    I Need People to Know I'm a Strong Swimmer

    Hair - Barber what cut you want bruh Him lemme get dat sperm cell Barber i gotchu b
  • 12

    Party in the Front, More Party in the Back

    Adaptation - Him: I want my kids to know dad's always watching Barber: say no more D574 ANAGEMENY PORT-O-LE -O-LET 37 5000
  • 13

    Anime Hair on Fleek

    Photo caption - Barber: what cut you want? Him: I gotta go to Egypt and fight Dio Barber: Say no more
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    Who's Head is a Pinapple Under the Sea?

    Hair - Barber: What do you want? Him: Gimme that Spongebob house
  • 15

    From Every Direction

    Hair - Barber: "what you want?" Him: "just make sure I can see the haters coming" Barber: "got ya fam"
  • 16

    I've Gotta Climb to the Top

    Hair - Barber: what you looking for? Him: Just step my game up.
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    Stay Away From Open Flames

    Hair - Barber: What you want? Her: Lemme get that lung cancer fro. Barber: Say no more, I got you fam
  • 18

    I Gotta be Ready to Drive My Crazy Taxi

    Hair - gotitforcheap: "so what hair cut do you want today sir?" "hmm give me the dreamcast graphics" 20,589 notes
  • 19

    Whatever You Do, Don't Stir It

    Hair - Barber: What do you want? Client: Do you know that moment when you pour the milk into your tea Barber: say no more
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    Why You Never Let a Barber Do Whatever They Want

  • 21

    Make Sure People Would Rather Resort to Home Dentistry Than Come to Me

    Forehead - Barber: What kinda cut u want? Him: Just fuck my shit up tnd DDS t in Class ETIC DENTISTRY 43.2323
  • 22

    Where They'll Land, Nobody Knows

    Hair - barber: What you want? him: Just throw the clippers at me fam
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    Gotta Say Thank You to That Gecko

    Hair - Barber: What do you want? Him: Well, I just saved 15 % on my car insurance...


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