This Overprotective Army Mom is About to Make Her Son's Life a Load Worse

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    Text - Are you guys in the Army? Yup Have you guys deployed? Sure did. Oh, so you wear a combat patch then. Yes. So it really that serious that you need a patch like a Boyscout? Excuse me? Is that a serious question? It is a very serious question. Why do you need that? We don't need them. We earned them. Why are you asking? This is a pretty odd conversation. My son just went to his first duty station and he's one of the only soldiers without a combat patch. He feels left out. Well that's because
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    Text - Oh my bad. It's an abbreviation for Battalion. Thank you for the clarification. You do know that you're speaking to an Army Mom? I do. Do you know that I'm not playing around. I got that. So hear's my advice. Get the phone number for the Battalion Command Sergeant Major. He's the one you want to talk to. He'll take real good care of your son. If you for some reason you can't geta hold of him, look for the number to the Brigade Command Sergeant Major. He will definitely make sure your son
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    Text - You most certainly can! He says that all the time! He looks so handsome. He wears his dog tags like a necklaces. He's so proud of them. His army belt looks good with his slacks too. He's such an amazing boy. I'm so proud. That doesn't surprise. All the best soldiers do that. Does he wear his standard issue boots as well? I am not sure. Maybe he does I'm sure he does. Well good luck and please let me know how it goes. I'm super excited. Definitely. Thanks again. Don't mention it. pe a mess
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    Text - Hey, just checking in. Were you able to sort out the patch issues? I could not get in contact with the Garrison CSM. I have been trying all day. I was able to talk to first sargent. He was vey professional. He knew exactly where I was coming from. That's wonderful. What did he say? He said that my son was very special. He also said that he will be throwing him a pizza party!! e a message... :)


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