A New ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop Up Bar Is Coming To Chicago And You Can Drink With White Walkers

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    Ahead of the official spring premiere on April 14, Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood will welcome GOT pop-up bar at local arcade, Replay.

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    For fans of the hit HBO series, "Winter 2019" will offer the chance to snag some King in the North and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms beers from Ommegang Brewery, sip on select wine and mead, or throw back a signature cocktail Tyrion Lannister-style, Eater Chicago reports. 

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    The pop-up will reportedly kick off February 1 and run through March 1

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    And if you were at all concerned about a lack of authenticity, worry not.

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    Replay promises their faux Seven Kingdoms will live up to expectations—White Walkers and all. The bar will have a weekly trivia night, and, according to Time Out Chicago, a jousting tournament. Oh, and Red Wedding feast, of course. The countdown is on.

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