This Guy Wants to Buy a Plane to Crash Into a Building to Prove 9-11 Was Real

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Via Paul Salo
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This is the video for an IndieGoGo campaign called September 11th Redux with a goal of $1.5 million. The key quote from the information section of the fundraising campaign is this: "We are like a Mythbusters for September 11th." That pretty much says it all. These people want a lot of money to recreate 9-11 in whatever country they think will actually let them do this. 

Who knows if they will reach their goal/be allowed to drive an extremely large aircraft on autopilot into a building. But hey, if you donate $125 you'll get a T-Shirt that says "9-11: THE REDUX" which will be awesome for those of you who love explaining your clothing to the TSA and Federal officers. 

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