Music of the Day: OK Go Wants to Release New Album as DNA

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OK Go is trying to out weird itself once again.

The band known for their creative, over-the-top music videos involving treadmills, drones and Rube Goldberg machines wants to release their latest album "Hungry Ghosts" as DNA.

Lead singer Damian Kulash met with a biochemist at UCLA who successfully converted a book into DNA, so he got the idea to do the same with his music.

In addition to figuring out how to translate the songs into genetic code, there is also the issue of distribution - which they say could simply be a small vial with a few drops of water containing the strands.

"Obviously, it's an artistic gesture and a scientific project, not the most efficient way to actually buy our album," said Kulash.

So it's unlikely that deoxyribonucleic acid will kill the mp3 star anytime soon.

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