Parenting Fails

Dad Fulfills His Babysitting Obligation, Takes Daughter's Doll to Work with Him

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    "Abbie trucking with Grandpa"

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    "We took a break while loading wheat for a mid morning snack. Joselyn didn't appreciate our choice, but I informed her that Abbie ate what I ate, and didn't complain. Hopefully she took note of this."

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    "Loaded the final load of wheat from our family farm this morning. My father "Great Grandpa McCain" took his turn with Abbie. He thinks the world of his granddaughter."

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    "Abbie playing in the wheat"

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    "Abbie with Grandpa's truck. Notice her shoes match.....nice!"

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    "Abbie and Grandpa loading corn this afternoon."

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    "Checking the load."

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    "Grandpa and Abbie ready to put er in the wind for Scott City."

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