Tip Of the Day: Chris Pratt Used to Eat His Diners’ Leftovers as a Young Waiter

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It was a long way to the top for Jurassic World-star Chris Pratt.

Like many young actors, Pratt was a waiter before landing his star-making role on Parks and Recreation. However, it looks like working for tips wasn’t enough for Mr. Pratt. Sometimes he’d take his tables’ orders to go. 

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new filmPassengers, on Friday night, he told of how he would get a little extra something something from his diners: Leftovers.

via YouTube

In an elaborate scheme, Pratt would convince little old ladies to order a 32-ounce steak that he knew they could not finish. He would then take the table scraps to the back of the restaurant and slam the steak in a matter of seconds. However, when one diner asked to have the already-finished meal to go, things got interesting.

Check out this clip and feel better about yourself on this Monday morning.

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