Guy Asks Internet If He's Wrong for Calling Cops on Sister Who Took His Car

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    Text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/TA32145 4 days ago 2 AITA for reporting my car stolen when my sister took it after I told her not to? Not the A-hole My sisters car broke down 6 months ago because of her own stupidity. I won't go into it here but she ignored the advice of a mechanic and because of that her car broke. I decided to be nice and offer my sister my car until she could get hers fixed as i could bike to work while she needed to drive. She did not get her car fixed for some reason. Sh
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    Text - Recently I've been needed to get to work very early and I really don't feel like riding my bike 6 miles at 3 in the morning so I told my sister she had 30 days until I took the spare key from her and she is no longer allowed to use it. That was 32 days ago. Yesterday morning she woke up specifically before me to take my car (at 2:30 in the morning). I called her and demanded she bring it back but she just hung up on me. because of this I reported it stolen.
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    Text - My sister was arrested 30 minutes later and my parents had to go bail her out. My sister is now facing charges for unauthorized use of a car and my parents and her are pissed. They claim I want way to far here but honestly, i feel justified. My parents are worried if she's found guilty she will loose her job but in my opinion, it's her own fault. Am i wrong here? Am i an asshole?
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    Text - hereforthebantz 16.7k points 4 days ago NTA, this is the definition of theft
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    Text - Partassipant [1] ha3lo 9.0k points 4 days ago NTA. She stole your car. Sounds like she needs a lesson in accountability. Tell your parents you wouldn't have had to report it stolen if she brought it back like you asked. Why is she not held to the same standard you are?
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    Text - tickslike_clockwork 4.9k points 4 days ago NTA - you gave her 30 days notice so she had time to make other arrangements. She straight up got early to take your car on purpose so you did not have the ability to use it. Maybe reporting it as stolen was a little far. But I honestly don't blame you for it. You gave her more than enough time and ultimately, it's your car. edited
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    Text - orangemetal 326 points 4 days ago A bit different then the consensus but tbh ESH. She is primarily the Asshole, however, the response is way over the top. I feel like it could of been dealt with differently, but to each their own.
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    Text - pencoechea 135 points 4 days ago ESH. You were well within your right to call the police on your stolen goods, but I really think it's a little too much, this may have long term consequences for her, having a criminal record.


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