Watch Three British Dudes Try to Get This Bike Out of an Electric Fence

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Via Big DT
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As the old joke goes, “how many British dudes does it take to get a bike out of an electric fence?”

It’s a regional joke.

This video of three British gentlemen — and one giggly camera man — trying to set a bike free from an electric fence raises a lot of questions. Namely, how did this bike get entangled in an electric fence like this? Did someone just drive into it, flip over the handlebars, and leave the bike all tangled up like that? Why is there an electric fence there? Will sheep bite through regular fences?

via MTV

But these guys have no time for questions, they have some serious untying to do, like a person trying to get a tight knot out of their shoelaces and those laces have 10,000 volts of electricity coursing through them. Watch in glee as they do anything to avoid touching this fence and laugh yourself silly when actually do.

But seriously, how did this bike get stuck in the fence?

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