Watch AsapSCIENCE's Explanation For Why Eating Weed Makes You So Much Higher, Dude

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As weed keeps getting more and more legal, edibles keep getting more and more common. This is a good thing for many. Legalizing weed has incredibly positive effects for many, whether you need pain relief, stress relief, or you don't want to go to jail for basically no reason.

But in the moment, you know that moment when you realize that maybe eating the whole brownie was a bad idea, and you've got dinner with your grandparents in 20 minutes, and, oh, shit, why did I eat the whole thing, it can be a bad thing. But there's a reason why eating weed can be more intense.

AsapSCIENCE explains why this is the case, and as a bonus, they also explain why you get the munchies. 

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