15 Exes That Finally Got The Apologies They Were Waiting For Years Later

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    ex apologizing - Text - After twoyears,my exand apologized to each other For how Chings ended.Ican finally close thab chapter.
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    ex apologizing - Text - My ex bayfriend Pinaly apologized For breaking my heart and giving me trust issues. And it only took..2 years
  • 3
    ex apologizing - Text - Myexcheated on me and after twogears he finallyapologized Idontknowhow to feel,but thirk it feels good
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    ex apologizing - Text - Myexof almost 3 years finaly opened up to me about how his GUFrent gf cheated on him. He apologized and told me he now understands the pain thatIFelt all that time ago..
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    ex apologizing - Text - Afteryears my ex finaly apologized Forbeingawftlto me.ld forgiven himawhileago but it wasnice to hear. He'sy Finally inamuch better place mhappy for him
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    ex apologizing - Text - Sofinally after two years of yjing and deceit and selfishness, myex Finally apologized
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    ex apologizing
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    ex apologizing - Text - Myex Finally reached out tome after we parted ways lyears ago. She is doing well andis realy thankFul forme betnga part of her life Shoapologized For the things she did to furt me before
  • 9
    ex apologizing - Text - Talked to my ex whom havent spoken to in almost 3 years.He finally apologized Por hurting me those 3 years ago.Just proves thateven after all this time,he still remembered how much he hurtme
  • 10
    ex apologizing - Text - After 15 years my ex Finally apologized for cheating on me.. was in such shock I'started crjing.Inever thought ld get one
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  • 11
    ex apologizing - Text - Last night Ihad a 3 hour long conversation with myex boyfriend and he finaly apolagized Por doing what ha waited 2uears tohear Im sorRy From him
  • 12
    ex apologizing - Text - Finally after six years. Myex apologized Por the way he treated meand strung me along For Four years after our relationship. t doesnt fix the fact that stillove him,but it realy wasa relief to hear.
  • 13
    ex apologizing - Text - Icontacted my ex after three years of break up to Finaly get a closure. He apologized and now Ithink ike him again.
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    ex apologizing - Text - Myexbayfriend just apologized after nearly 10 years Finaly have closure i forgeve y
  • 15
    ex apologizing - Text - Myex Finally apologized after years of thinking he was heartless knowhe is heartless but he is a liteless heartless ha


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