Kid Misses His School Bus But Leaves What Might Be The Greatest Note Of All Time (12 Tweets)

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    Text - sarah @sarahhollidayyy never forget the time my brother missed the bus and wrote my mom this note 948K 5:03 PM - Jun 4, 2019 220K people are talking about this
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    Text - Missel The Bus As YoursonI egtet to infern you That ive nisse my Means of fublie oruportaton. knok you nust be On a ollercoasterof enotione ight how but est Ds ureive decidedto Stoy home. This was a tolgh decisien To Make hhile you wtre gone for 20 Minutes. I'm fabavy in ny bed Moti about the foc thatI cal4 go to Schooly So Please bonterut me.If yo lequire anu further assistance Plase see the Pros/Cons Chost onthe back Side

    'I Missed The Bus

    As your son, I regret to inform you that I've missed my means of public transportation. I know you must be on a roller coaster of emotions right now but rest assured, I've decided to stay home. This was a tough decision to make while you were gone for 20 minutes. I'm probably in my bed moping, so please don't interrupt me. If you require any further assistance, please see the pros/cons cart on the back side.'

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    Text - PROS CONS FFrst day-Might becohe home this quortes gadeyou have ahabit (hos) will be fine. tall the Today bras School and 9oDa be a bad one,can+et then ive 9et over My got Polio. hair

    'Pros:– First day home this quarter, grades will be fine.– Today was gonna be a hard one, can't get over my hair.

    Cons:– Might become a habit (doubtful)– You have to call the school and tell them I've got Polio'

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    Text - sarah @sarahhollidayyy Replying to@sarahhollidayyy Update since everyone wants to know, YES. My mom let him stay could she not?! 17.7K 10:49 AM - Jun 5, 2019 399 people are talking about this
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    Text - -Today vos Oba goMa be a ad onescan set over Md Thair. Was Belinda @yourilluslonist Replying to @sarahhollidayyy A whole ass mood 10.4K 5:59 PM Jun 5, 2019 827 people are talking about this
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    Text - ashley moon @ashmoon_liberty Replying to@sarahhollidayyy @staygaytabulous if my kids ain't funny like this i'm sending them back 4,630 6:01 AM - Jun 5, 2019 213 people are talking about this
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    Text - wheres the empanadas @cu7ie23 Replying to@sarahhollidayyy He really said he she gotta call and say he got polio 8,972 3:54 AM - Jun 5, 2019 120 people are talking about this
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    Text - electric fairy @electriccfairy Replying to @sarahhollidayyy Lmaoo can this pls be my son 2,444 10:34 PM - Jun 4, 2019 46 people are talking about this
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    Text - Virtuoso Miguel Something @miguel_divided Replying to @sarahhollidayyy Your brother might be the funniest person on the planet 17 5:07 PM - Jun 5, 2019 See Virtuoso Miguel Something's other Tweets
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    Text - Trazodone @_trazodone Replying to @sarahhollidayyy I would have gotten whooped Imao 3 6:05 PM - Jun 5, 2019 See Trazodone's other Tweets
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    Text - James C Manning II @ibyte4u Replying to @sarahhollidayyy He did a great job writing his thoughts in such a convincing manner. A super smart Guy! Glad it worked for him! 3 10:14 AM - Jun 6, 2019 See James C Manning Il's other Tweets
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    Text - angry bisexual @missmaryn015 Replying to @sarahhollidayyy things that sent me: - the impeccable grammar the pros and cons - the fact that he's a lil boy and he prob wrote this in like 10 minutes - his adorable handwriting - "polio" - "I regret to inform you that I've missed my means of public transportation" THIS IS PEAK COMEDY!! 127 2:36 PM Jun 6, 2019 angry bisexual's other Tweets See


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