TikToker Posts a Parenting "Hack" He Regrets, Sparks Failed Parenting Confessions in the Comments

TikToker Dillon Michael White posts about being a dad—he's not perfect and he's always learning and makes sure to have fun while doing so. One of his maybe unintentional best advice he gives to parents is to not take things too seriously and use your mistakes as a chance to learn and laugh. He did this recently by sharing his failed parenting “hack” that ended him up with a freezer full of socks. 


His daughter did not like wearing socks, most likely due to the seams. Get ready to leave the house would be a huge ordeal because she would refuse to wear socks, and you're not going to put your little girl in sandals in the middle of the winter. So, thinking quick on his feet, he told his daughter that he'll put them in the “magic sock freezer” for a little bit and it will fix them. So he'd take her socks, put them in the fridge for about 15 to 30 seconds, and then take them out and they would be fixed! It worked and his daughter would happily then put on her socks. 


“Sock Freezer”


It was very creative and a genius quick thinking tactic—however, now when he reaches into the freezer, there are over 30 pairs of his little girl's socks and when it comes down to it, it's just a normal freezer filled with their food… So, White admits that he regrets the “magic sock freezer," it's kind of a win/lose situation. Because he now gets to leave on time with no sock issues, but then later in the day when he reaches in the freezer for a popsicle he has to search through tons of pairs of socks… 


The hilarious parenting fail confession has filled the comment section with other parents sharing their parting hacks that worked, yet also failed. Let's be honest, their not completely parenting fails—they all did what they were set out to do. It's just, well, you have to keep the charade up for many years to come, so if you're not prepared to do that, it might have been a bad idea. For example, if you tell your kid that the spray bottle you filled with water and glitter is actually “monster repellent” then you're going to have to spray that every night before they go to bed… Have you ever tried to get glitter out of anything? It's not easy…

















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