Looks Like We're Due for a Cool New 'Buddy Feature' in Pokémon GO

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Via github
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The coding that hints at the prospect of Niantic soon introducing buddy Pokémon that follow your avatar around, was first noticed in a github depository, which uploaded all of Pokémon GO's data from newest update.

The coding shows off three different possibilities for how 'buddy Pokémon' will appear on-screen:

-Perched on player's shoulder
-Flying next to player
-Walking behind player (could be tied in to the height/weight measurements previously discovered in Pokémon GO data mine

Would be pretty cool to see Niantic implement a feature that's available in other Pokémon games (Pokémon Yellow, HeartGold/SoulSilver). Can you imagine walking round town with a Zapdos as your 'buddy Pokémon' though?...

So much yes.

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