Brighten Your Day By Watching a Whole Bunch of Politicians Get Yelled At By Constituents

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Via Abraham
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If you're like me, there's nothing you like in the world more than someone shouting "shame" at a politician. Man, it's great. When you watch these guys who continuously lie and take adavantage of the peopl their supposed to be representing, just getting destroyed by their bosses. 

Well, thankfully, the Washington Post, who recently changed their Masthead to read "Democracy Dies in Darkness," has released a new way of watching my favorite thing. 

The Yell-O-Matic let's you pick a politican, and then you can watch a bunch of constituents yelling at them. It's great. Here are some good ones:

Mitch McConnell

McConnell (Bonus)

Rep. Dave Brat

Sen. Ted Cruz 

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

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