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Japanese Sculptor Isana Yamada Creates Breathtaking Translucent Whales

  • 1

    The 6 whales that represent the 6 realms of Buddhism:

    whales sculpture - Blue
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    The whales are swimming in a circle, which represents the six stages of Samsara:

    whales sculpture - Light
  • 3

    Shura-do, Sakura (aircraft) and 55 skulls

    whales sculpture - Marine mammal

    "Shura is supposed to fight and fight from beginning to end. A world where suffering and anger are constant, but it is not a place like hell, but suffering is a big place where it comes to itself.

    Ouka aircraft that has been developed in order to suicide."

  • 4
    whales sculpture - Green
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  • 5

    Damn Road, Prison

    whales sculpture

    "From the point of being alive with almost instinct and being used, it is considered a world where there is little salvation without being able to obtain the teachings of Buddha on its own. I thought of this situation as a life managed by others in prison.

    Life to be causative."

  • 6
    whales sculpture - Green
  • 7

    Gakimichi, Polar bear white bone

    whales sculpture - Floor

    "Gakimichi is the world where kid lives. When a demon tries to put food in his mouth, it becomes a fire and he suffers from hunger and thirst. There is an example that became a demon because he did not consider others.

    A polar bear starved to death due to a decrease in drift ice due to global warming.

    It was starvation due to global warming."

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  • 8
    whales sculpture - 4487
  • 9

    Hell Road, Submarine Volcano

    whales sculpture - Swordfish

    "Hell road is the world to make atonement.

    It is also a harsh environment, even in the origin of life"

  • 10
    whales sculpture - Museum
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  • 11
    whales sculpture - Organism
  • 12

    Human road, sailing ship

    whales sculpture - Plastic

    "The human road is a world of great suffering that is troubled, but it is said that not only will suffering continue, but there will also be fun. A work that compares this situation to a difficult voyage.

    It likened life to a voyage."

  • 13
    whales sculpture - Art
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  • 14

    Tendor, Sea of ??clouds

    whales sculpture - Cetacea

    "In Tendoru, it is said that there is almost no suffering and that it will spend a lifetime in pleasure. However, it has not been released from the annoyance and cannot be released.

    suffering less"

  • 15
    whales sculpture - Art


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