Photographer Shows Us How One Person Can Make a Difference

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a beautiful story of a photographer taking the time to help a sick girl
Via 9gag
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Many of us know the feeling. Being over exhausted, had a bad day, just wanting to close up shop and get out of work mood already. It's what we all feel, it's even what this photographer felt. Ten minutes before closing and mother and daughter walked into his studio. He even said that he groaned internally! Now, you can't blame the guy. He's had a long day. But the second he saw the woman's daughter, he didn't care any longer and knew he was going to do whatever it took to make her happy.

This is the comic versus of the story, but for the original it was shared on the true story website Not Always Right. It is about a sick child, a desperate mother and a kind-hearted photographer, and an amazing plot twist. 

We warn you... you're going to need a kleenex! 

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