Loopholes That Sneaky People Are Currently Exploiting

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    askreddit - Text - A_Horny_Male 19h Using the vending machine to make change.
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    askreddit - Text - Tabbune 13h I'm using a VPN to access Reddit because my gov blocks it. Why? Because porn exists in it.
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    askreddit - Text - plexnewbie 9h S 1 Award Not sure if it's a loophole per se, but I'm a sucker for Domino's philly cheesesteak pizza, but with it being a "specialty" pizza, you usually can't order it with any of their deals unless it's the specialty pizza deal. You used to be able to configure the pizza to match the toppings of the philly cheesesteak but they don't allow that anymore because the philly doesn't actually have sauce, it's american cheese slices, and that's not an option for regula
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    askreddit - Text - Rhamblings 9h At my summer job I was required to do file editing that the way they showed me how to do it manually took forever, so I googled a bit and figured out how to automate the programme to do it. Spent several weeks watching youtube while getting paid $25/h.
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    askreddit - Text - Dave-Stark 15h I get paid for being present, not based on my output.
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    askreddit - Text - OkapiBleu 9h I go to work when their is a "long weekend". For example, thursday is a holiday, so everyone takes the day off on Friday. But in fact, if you go to work on Friday -You can come later, nobody cares - You can leave earlier, nobody cares - If you are not working, no one is watching you. - You paid like every over work day, and you save a day off others have taken. In practice, I do work those days. But clearly not as much as I would compared to normal days.
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    askreddit - Text - richando 18h I work in a call center. Right now they are pushing a goal for utilization of employees time. It is a delicate ratio between the talk time with a customer and the time you spend wrapping up the call when the person hangs up. I am a fast worker and find that my talk time is very low and my wrap time is low but my ratio was off because if your talk time is too low you can't meet management's goal. So now I place people hold for as long as I can to meet this goal. It
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    askreddit - Text - lishabobisha 11h The fact my work forgot to remove me from their phone plan Thanks for the free data.
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    askreddit - Text - DwikeSchrude .9h I signed up for extra care rewards from CVS. I don't really need anything from CVS but they sent me a $2 coupon for signing up. Which l used to buy 2 $1 candy bars on sale. Since they were on sale, I got another coupon. Sometimes it's $2 off, sometimes it's 50% one item. I keep using it for very small purchases, and they keep sending the free $2. It makes me happy!
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    askreddit - Text - callmedale 18h S 1 Award I found several loopholes in my pants that I've cleverly exploited by putting a belt through
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    askreddit - Text - Due_Blacksmith 17h Mine only applies to Australia. Hungry jacks sell: small coffee for $2.xx Medium for $2 And large for $4.80 So instead of ordering a large I order two mediums. So l end up with more coffee contained in a large for less of the cost of a large. FYI hungy jacks is the Aussie version of burger king
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    askreddit - Text - wigglebump 14h yoink clean receipts from the top of the trash can at Chipotle to log in the app and boost my points toward a free meal
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    askreddit - Text - amandamccoyart 18h I carry a cane because I'm visually impaired. I'm not blind in the legal sense, but I can't drive. I take public transit because of that. But because I'm not legally blind, I'm supposed to pay. Most people let me in for free even though I don't carry a disabled card. They just see the cane and assume. When they do ask, I don't lie and will pay. But It's rare that happens. I don't usually take advantage of my blindness, but I think I should get reduced price
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    askreddit - Text - aCatNamedSpot 10h The guy who stocks the vending machine always puts his extra mountain dew in the bottom row with the water. What he doesn't realize is that in doing so, those bottles are now sold at the price of the water. So if I want a soda. I can either buy one for $1.75 on one of the higher rows. Or $0.75 on the bottom row. The real crime is that water can be sold in a bottle for $0.75 two feet away from a water fountain
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    askreddit - Text - askerman2000 9h On if you refer a friend and they stay somewhere because of your link, you normally get 20 quid a few weeks after they stayed (takes a while to process). So obviously I have 2 accounts, and refer a "friend" I.e myself whenever I need to stay at a hotel. I've made over £100 from doing this a few times.
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    askreddit - Text - finalfroggy 8h one i did this summer: i was working an internship and taking online classes this summer while residing on campus. however the only place i was allowed a permit to park at on campus as a resident was a mile from my dorm. so basically i was walking a mile every morning at 6am to get to my car to go to work and then a mile back afterwards but then my boyfriend pointed out a nice loophole for me. there was a little section of the parking lot by my dorm for free one
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    askreddit - Text - TheRealMe99 16h I graduated college 2 months ago. This week I enrolled at a local community college, registered for a class, took a screenshot of said class schedule and then dropped the class. This got me another year of student pricing for Spotify and Amazon Prime. edit: all the replies about buying student emails or using old legit ones, that doesn't work for Spotify at least, they use a 3rd party that checks if you're actually enrolled or not
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    askreddit - Text - SheaRVA 9h I don't know if it's a loophole exactly but... My wife and I are former foster parents. Our last foster child went to live with a family member and then was forcibly removed from that home and placed in a new foster home within 4 months. There is no other family available and the biological mother is not being given reunification services at all. So, because of our prior relationship with her an the laws in our state, we're able to file for custody. And we did. At t
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    askreddit - Text - cotrga 8h S 1 Award So, Domino's Pizza, at least in Australia, have a thing they do nearly every Tuesday, called 2-4-1 Tuesday. It's simple. Buy a pizza (excluding value range), get one free (the free one can be value range, as long as the one you pay for isn't). So I wake up on a Tuesday, and I get the promo code for this offer. I go to their website and put it in. I decide I want a Supreme pizza, from the Traditional range. Great! What's my next pizza? I now want 6 Cheesy Ga
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    askreddit - Text - Reid22 15h Getting free coupon everyday from casino. The coupon worth about $30-50 and you can use it to play any game on casino. The trick is to play with a friend in baccarat and put both coupons on player and banker, so you will get guaranteed $30-50 everyday which you can split half of the money with your friend.
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    askreddit - Text - Limeylish 14h Not current, but Alienware were giving away 1 month free codes for Xbox Game Pass for PC. I made a shit ton of new accounts and stacked it for 2 years, then paid £1 to make it the Ultimate subscription (Xbox Live Gold, Gane Pass for both PC and Xbox) for 2 years.
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    askreddit - Text - aaronsweets 9h Netflix. I just make a new account with a new gmail and use prepaid cards that have no money on them I have. Surprised they haven't fixed that already but I'm not complaining.
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    askreddit - Text - HrabiaVulpes 9h In my line of work new employee is almost always priced higher than old one. So... after 4 years in company, full knowledge about their systems and experience with their business I earn let's say 7000 gross salary; however since I'm changing job now, new company priced my experience and knowledge at 12000 gross salary. So my old company looses someone who is specialist in product with 4 years of experience, new company gains a generalist who will require a few
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    askreddit - Text - hamQM 17h Turns out you can use those handicapped stalls with little to no repercussion
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    askreddit - Text - Seriousdolla 10h I have two cats, one that over-eats and one that is very fussy. If i feed the fussy cat, the over-eater gets jealous and tries to eat the fussy cats food. If I feed the over-eater, she eats her portion and then moves onto the fussy cats portion. The loophole? I place 1/4 of the over-eaters food into each bowl (2 dry food, 2 wet food bowls) so she thinks she's getting all the food, meanwhile I am handfeeding the fussy cat so she gets the attention she wants and
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    askreddit - Text - maratc 10h Buy some furniture at IKEA. Take it home. Assemble it. Keep the receipt. Once a sale comes in (about twice a year), check if any of your furniture is on sale. If it is, come to IKEA. Bring your receipt with you. Buy exactly the same piece at a discounted price. Now take your cart with the piece of furniture you're just bought and the old receipt -- to the customer support area, and request a return. Since your piece is packed in the original packaging and the receip
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    askreddit - Text - Rumplesforeskin 15h Make reservations at olive garden, show up early, you get half price beer and wine at the bar while you wait.... So show up an hour early and boom. Get drunk on the cheap.
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    askreddit - Text - VAPE_On_mY_bReTh ReN 12h $2.80 At hungry jacks the frozen coke spider but a frozen coke and a soft serve is $1.60 so on the way home from school I just get a soft serve and a frozen coke and mix them on the tram
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    askreddit - Text - Pac_Eddy 10h For a couple years I paid all my bills, including mortgage, with my Amazon Prime card. Got 1-5% back in free Amazon money. I eventually refinanced my mortgage and the new bank gave even better return for autopay through their own site, but even without paying the mortgage I get a ton of free Amazon spending. The key is to autopay the full balance every month, don't pay interest on your bills
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    askreddit - Text - ktmae77 17h To request paid time off at work, you log into a calendar, select the day, and how many hours off you need. When I became a manager, I gained the ability to delete time off requests. At one point realized you could delete time off requests that already happened, and those hours would go back into your time off bank. So I'd book paid days off, enjoy my day(s) off, wait a month or so, delete, and repeat. I almost never ran out of time off
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    askreddit - Text - subwayfreaky 8h I'm a retired Air Force Master Sergeant (collecting retirement), working as a full-time federal employee, while also moonlighting at the commissary. Put together, this equals three sources of income. They call this "triple-dipping" I don't do either of my jobs well, but I have a wealth of "experience and knowledge", so they don't mind if I'm sleeping on the clock


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