Parenting Fails

Parents Open Up on Reddit About What It's Like Having an Ugly Baby

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    "My blobfish newborn"

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    "The improbable chick magnet"

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    Ugly and handy

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    This dad understands the internet

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    That old man look

    Text - - catcatmewow 1082 points 5 days ago That happened with my niece. She was ugly looked like a veiny alien mixed with Danny Devito. Now that she's 8 she looks just Hermione Granger when she was in the first Harry Potter permalink embed save parent report give gold reply ] DarkNFullofSpoilers 764 points 5 days ago I was at my friend's Grad Party and I got to meet her baby niece. The baby niece looks so much like a cranky old man that her own father calls her "Walter." permalink embed save pa
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    The "mother's blindness"

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    Beauty Queen & Butter Bean

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    God only made so many perfect heads, and he covered the rest with hair.

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    Shout out to one of the greatest parenting stories of all time.


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