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You Steal It, You Wear It: Dog Owners are Forcing their Pups to Wear the Clothes they Fetch/Steal


Dogs love to fetch, especially ones with retriever in them. Dogs also love the smell of their humans, bad and good. So if you throw a pair of dirty socks on the ground or that sweaty hat you've never washed on the couch, you'll probably see your dog grabbing it for themselves. 


Well, some dog owners have started a rule according to that behavior. Based off the “you break it, you buy it” rule at stores, dog parents are starting the new rule: “If you steal it, you wear it.” It's an adorable sentence to a dog crime because now we get to see dogs in funny human outfits. Instead of freaking out because your sweet doggo is actually a criminal and has stolen your shoes to chew on, you should just see if the shoe fits. The adorable imagery you get to experience makes it all better. 


House Rule

When you're documenting their stolen item outfits you really see how fast they grow. Is it because their thirst for crime become stronger or is it because they start to grow out of the items they're stealing and forced to wear? We'll never truly know…


The Series

This doggo steals so often, that his mama is making an entire series out of it. Sometimes it happens twice within a couple of hours! I'm thinking this pup likes to try on the clothes… Lots of boxers, socks, some flip flops—this dog should just have their own closet if you ask me. Maybe they'll be the next top model at Paris fashion week or something. 


Little Pups

It's also not just retrievers doing the stealing, little dogs will also try and fetch your clothes away without you knowing and if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. 


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