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Doggy Daycare Employee Starts Feeding Stray Dogs on Her Street, Now They Come Every Morning for Breakfast


Working with dogs is already not the easiest job—it's definitely one of the cutest, but not easy. It takes a certain type of person that is patient and kind. You know, the kind of person that all the animals seem to calm down around or just always feel comfortable to approach. TikToker @_simply_ilene's videos show that she is definitely that kind of person. 


Recently, she's been going viral for the stray dogs she's been feeding outside of her house. It started with one dog that she named Bruno. He would show up at 7am on the dot every morning looking hungry and sad. Now, she comes out bright and early just for him with a bowl full of food and another with water and he is so happy to see her. She has no idea what kind of breed he is, but if we had to guess, he looks like some sort of husky/pitt mix. His eyes are light and his face gives a little smile. Viewers are absolutely in love with Bruno and so happy that he's found such a kind lady like this TikToker.


Part 1


Bruno has been so please with his daily source of breakfast, that now he's brought a friend to dine with him. Of course, the TikToker would never deny a dog in need, so now she's been feeding double the stray dogs that she had started with. She hasn't named the other dog yet, but asks TikTok for help to do so. She doesn't know where they're coming from, but they look hungry and happy to be given food. Since Bruno brought a friend, she also, fully expects more stray dogs to show up at her home for breakfast, and she's happy to oblige them. 


Part 2

Doggy Day Care


These dogs obviously feel safe to come to this TikToker's home and they get to leave with a full belly. As someone who works at a Doggy Daycare, she knows how to approach a new dog and to respect their boundaries—especially, with stray dogs. You have no idea what these dogs have been through, so it can be dangerous to just jump right into demanding pets and snuggles with these street guys. This TikToker obviously has a kind and patient heart and these dogs know it. 


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