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Dog's Mind is Absolutely Blown After Seeing Another Dog on TV Open a Fridge Door, Goes Viral


Little Rugby Roo is a cutie pup and his parent love to post TikToks with him as the star. His page isn't particularly viral, but all dogs are loved on the Gen-Z clock app—I mean, dogs are the new children and plants are the new pets, so of course they're going to take over this generation's social media content. This dog lives a normal family dog life; he's loved, given treats, and snuggles with his humans. His videos are adorable, but aren't anything new when it comes to cute dog content on TikTok and that's ok! 


However, it's one of his most recent post that has him going viral and gaining viewers in the millions. The video shows Rugby Roo just enjoying chewing on his bone on the bed while he watches TV with his parent. All of a sudden, in the show they're watching there's a dog being trained to open the fridge door. There's a tie on the door and the dog is trained to pull the tie in order to open the fridge door. That's already a pretty cool trick, but it's also not one many dog parents teach their pet—probably because they don't really want their dog to know how to open the fridge door. But Rugby Roo's reaction is priceless. All of a sudden he stops chewing his bone and all of his attention is on the TV. His eyes every clearly say, “holy sh*t… I can do that???”


My dogs reaction to learning dogs can open and close doors lollll


The TikToker has posted other videos of sweet Rugby Roo being a cutie, but for some reason his astonishment at this new skill that can be unlocked for dogs is what has gone viral. He very clearly shows a thought process of wanting to learn how to do that himself. I mean, sure, maybe it's possible that he's just kind of recognizing something flashy on the TV or maybe just noticed it was even on… But no, we're going with he is very impressed by this dog on the TV and didn't even know that was an option for his species. We're all rooting for another video series from this TikToker that is just her teaching Rugby Roo how to open the fridge. I mean, look at him—it's his dream! 


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