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In Sports News: Dog Breaks the Internet By Being Seriously Good with the Baseball Bat


Attention baseball fans: this is very important news! This may affect the entire baseball season and seasons forever to come. If you know baseball, then you better buckle up, baby. This is BIG. 


The most adorable wiggly little butt furry buddy is an expert at batting. Her name is Pepper and she will have more passion for hitting that ball out of the park than any player now or any that every lived. Sometimes she goes by Big Pupi and she is loved by a sports family. The video of her hitting homerun-worthy ball after ball was first posted on Instagram by her auntie Melissa Lawrence. Lawerence works in the professional sports world, so it's not surprise that this dog in her family is so good at baseball. 


“Pepper aka Big Pupi”


Pepper is a furry blue heeler that happily lives the coastal life. She's got many doggy friends within her family and they all love to play ball. But it's Pepper that picks up the bat and really knows what to do. The fun she's been having playing baseball with her family has made her massively viral and the video of her batting away in her garage has made it onto several official sports accounts on social media. 


Verified sports accounts like @barstoolsports, @thescore, and even @espn have reposted the video of little Pepper batting away. 


ESPN “This dog meant business”


These big sports outlets are asking the hard-hitting questions like who trained her? What team will give her a contract? And one that has really been putting people through the wringer, will this affect Air Bud's legacy? It has been sometime now that a dog has completely taken over the sports world like Air Bud did, but Pepper might just change that. 


The Score: “Which team should sign this pup?”

Barstoolsports: “How does this effect Air Buds legacy?”


Baseball fans truly want this dog in their world one way or another—hopefully, we'll see pepper on the field soon. In the meantime, Pepper is living her best life playing ball with her pawrents and loving family, 


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