Artist Trolls Entitled Fans Who Demand Free Drawings

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    Photograph - A
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    Text - Hi oh my goddess your work is absolutely incredible! I'm sure you get hundreds of messages a day telling you that! But WOW! You are so gifted it's breathtaking looking at your art! I'd love it if you could draw me? I no your probably really busy but please! I'd be honoured too : This one please x
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    Text - Reply So you want that drawn for free? Please ? X
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    Text - Reply Enjoy Thanks...
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    Text - Forget it just was a fan.. obviously just in this for the money Double-tap to like Not a fan.. Obviously just in it for a freebie I'm in it for the memes
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    Text - Can u draw me please Hello. Are you interested in commissioning a piece or are you after a free drawing? After a free drawing This
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    Face - OReply Like can u start today or tomorrow and get it done in a week Hey finished your drawing
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    Text - Took a few hours Also I felt the image was lacking a background So I added a bright sun Sun
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    Text - hey i heard you draw for money but could you do an exception this time? :D im really short on money and I need a gift for my gf O Reply
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    Text - so could you draw this for free? Im the one in the middle Done Think I got your heads a little closer than in the photo though. Hope that's okay.
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    Drawing - Reply
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    Photograph - Double-tap to like Reply
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    Text - Preferably this one A^ but any Michael Jackson you can do, I would love Ok what sort of size would you want and black and white? 11.7 x 16.5 basically an A3 size and yes black and white please. By the way, will this cost anything because don't have any money right now so if it does then sorry to waste your time Oh so you wanted it for free? Yeah... if you can't do that then that's
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    Text - All done Hope you like it hee hee Shamone MJ Reply


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