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Extra Floofy Malamute Pup Named Nala Says 'Oh Wow' Perfectly When Presented with a Chicken Nugget


We are all familiar with the very vocal huskies that love to sing the song of their people—but have you met their close relative, the malamute? Also, very vocal and were bred to be sled dogs, these pups are a lot floofier and larger than huskies. Recently, a sweet 8-year-old malamute named Nala has been going viral on TikTok, stealing the spotlight from their smaller related pups the huskies. 


Nala is a little edgier than the husky saying “I love you” to their mom, or the hound dog spitting bars for its fans. Nala is able to harness the spirit of Owen Wilson and perfectly say, “oh wow.” 



Though she will say “oh wow” anytime she wants, it really uncontrollably comes out when her mom offers her a chicken nugget. Her ma shows her the magical nug and asks “oh wow?” and Nala responds “Oh. Wow.” She's also able to control her volume—if her mom asks her to say it quietly, she practically whispers it. Then when her mom asks her to shout it, she let's it all out with a loud “OH. WOW.”




TikTok viewers are in love. The sweet floofy pup will say “Oh Wow” over and over again and it never gets old. One TikToker said, "Your honor, the first ‘ohh wow’ was good enough, therefore the nuggie was deserved from the beginning 👨‍🏫." Another added, “This is the greatest tik tok ever 😂.” Plus, one viewer said, “Aye yo you better give homie 3 nuggets for that performance.” So as you can see, TikTok is team Nala and her precious “Oh Wow's” 


“Oh wow wow”

“Oh… wow.”


Her ma on TikTok said she's working on other phrases that she can get Nala to say, but currently it's “Oh Wow” that Nala has perfected. She'll sometimes give an “Oh wow wow” as well, providing viewers with a little extra malamute flare. What would Owen Wilson think of this dog's talent similar to his? Do you think he's thinking he now has some competition? Or, more likely, is he just thinking, “wow.” I think the next move is to summon the powers of the Internet and get someone to replace all of Owen Wilsons scenes where he says “wow,” with Nala the pup now saying “oh wow.”


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