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wife fuming after husband sells the sandwiches she made him to his coworkers to buy fast food | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Danny109 3 days ago AITA For no longer making my husband sandwiches to take to work after discovering he was selling them? Not the A-hole My F33 husband M37 works at an advertising company. We're struggling a bit financially because we're saving up to purchase a new aprtment. He is used to eating fast food and it was costly. He had no problem spending money daily on fast f

Wife Fuming After Catching Husband Selling Her Sandwiches To Buy Fast Food For Lunch

Profiting off his wife's hard work
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Chick-Fil-A Employee Shares Weirdest Orders, Wants To Know Why Customers Are Like This

Could they be any weirder?
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13+ Wholesome and Endearing Texts From Boomers

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Eco Influencer Gets Roasted For Reinventing Corn Syrup As ‘Vegan Honey’

We all know by now that processed food is the devil. It's full of all the unhealthy food groups and scary sounding chemicals, and it gets made in ways that are enough to put you off ordering Taco Bell until the munchies come back again. If you decide to do the processing yourself, though? Totally different ball game. This seems to be the logic of one influencer, who promotes a low waste, sustainable lifestyle. Kathryn Kellogg raised some eyebrows recently for posting a video of her making what …
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Weird Food Memes That Are Something Of An Acquired Taste

Dig in.
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A Tribute To The Funkalicious Memes Of Guy Fieri

Flavortown is a state of mind.
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Guy Drinks Chipotle Lemonade, Ends Up With DUI

A sacrifice we all make when we eat out anywhere is that we don't really know what's going into our food, and the same goes for drinks, too. You might think it's harder to mess up a soda than a combo meal, but that's not always the case, as one man recently found out. In a short video, LA-based @shamansaucy shows a drinks dispenser in the fast food chain full of hibiscus lemonade. The subtitles then explain that it was this beverage that tested positive for alcohol when he was pulled over by a …
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Cursed Glizzies & Hot Dogs With Threatening Auras

According to Wikipedia , ‘Rule 34’ is an ‘internet maxim which asserts that Internet pornography exists concerning every conceivable topic.' We think there should be a ‘Rule 35’ for Facebook groups. If you've ever thought about a thing, there's probably a Facebook group dedicated to it. Most of them have only one or two followers, created solely to serve as the punchline of a joke. But some of the most absurd groups inexplicably have hundreds of thousands of active members. One of these groups …
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customer service relatable McDonald's ridiculous food fast food Video - 2578438

McDonald's Customer Asks For Fresh Fries, TikToker Shows How It's Handled

Maybe a microwave next time around.
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Wendy’s Customer Gets Frosty Reception After Run In At Drive Thru

In a time when embarrassment is only one social media exposé away, you would think that not many people would want to try their luck in being that customer when it comes to food service . However, there are still plenty out there who seem willing to sacrifice their manners at the first sign of inconvenience and even go as far as publicizing it. This was the case with Jervon Speed Jr, otherwise known as @lotp_von on TikTok. He filmed an encounter that him and his girlfriend had at a Wendy’s driv…
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Scandalous Video Alleges That Little Caesars Uses DiGiorno Pizzas

It’s not delivery.
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The Worst Food Scams That People Got Personally Offended By| thumbnail text - flepia MAKDM CA M a 40% op, BAN Ta M C 0 c

Heartbreaking Food Scams That Hit Us Right In The Feels

Scams hit different when they're interfering with my food
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little caesars, sauce, food, fast food, pizza, lol, tiktok, dumb, expose, twitter, junk food

The Internet Is Divided After Finding Out How Little Caesars Makes Its Sauce

Gross or a complete overreaction?
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Drunk food based on your horoscope | thumbnail text - Jersey Shore and Date Movie

Best Summer Drunchies Food According To Your Horoscope

Drunchies are obvi connected to the stars
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Karen dishes out satirical advice on a weekly basis | thumbnail text: Dear Karen, an advice column guaranteeing the privilege you're entitled to on a weekly basis

Karen Dishes Out Entitled Advice To McDonald's Customer Who Deserves More Chicken Nuggets

Another week with our main girl Karen
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McDonald's employees describe the various secrets that they discovered while working there.

Secrets McDonald's Employees Discovered While Working There

Apparently people enjoy fish meals more on rainy days.
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