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What would happen if the planets were as close to the Earth as the Moon? The cover photo is Jupiter if it was as close as the Moon is to the Earth

What Would it Look Like if the Planets of the Solar System Were as Close as the Moon

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NASA scientists discovered water vapor and potentially a massive amount of water hiding under the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA Scientists Discovered Water Vapor on Jupiter's Moon Europa

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The Hubble Space Telescope just gave us incredible views of Saturn's rings and the movement of its moons around it

The Hubble Telescope Gave Us an Incredible Look at Saturn's Rings and Moons

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NASA Administrator goes on record stating Pluto is a planet. 13 years to the day that Pluto was reclassified, scientists reexamine the evidence.

Extra Extra Read All About It - NASA Boss Thinks Pluto IS A Planet

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tenth planet memes

There's A Massive Ninth Planet In Our Solar System And Scientists Literally Can't Find It

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oppy memes

15 'Oppy' Memes That Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of The Beloved Mars Rover

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So Cool!

Caption that reads, "Crazy how nature does that" above an illustration of the solar system with a flat earth
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Well, They Ain't Wrong

Tweet that reads, "Aliens probably ride past earth and lock their doors"
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Don't F*ck With Elmo

Caption that reads, "Elmo T-poses on the moon to assert his dominance over every inhabitant of the solar system" below a pic of Elmo T-posing on the moon
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Poor Pluto

Funny meme about pluto and the solar system
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Very Important To Know

Funny chart showing where in the solar system bear attacks occur the most, earth being the number one
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Funny tweet about pluto.
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So Crazy

funny meme about earth being the only flat earth in the solar system.
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Nature Is Amazing!!

Funny meme about flat earth.
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Kind Of

ego solar system image - 8991051520
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Accurate Model of the Solar System

solar system science earth - 8573299712
By Gilldo5 (Via earthshott)
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