All The Reasons Capaldi Is Going to Be An Awesome Doctor!

Series 8 of Doctor Who is right around the corner, and since we don't have a TARDIS and are stuck to taking the long way round, let's take a closer look at the new Doctor and his premiere season!

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    He's a Little Bit Classic Who

    Via: Doctor Who Official Twitter

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    He's a Little Bit New Who

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    But He's 100% Rebel Timelord

    Via: blizarro

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    Via: kitt66

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    He's Bringing Maturity Back to the Role...

    Via: Three Dollar Bill

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    But Not Too Much

    Via: Capaldi-i

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    Via: rangerprone

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    Via: f*yespetercapaldi

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    He's Got a Retro Vibe

    Via: Joey Perrins

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    With Plenty of Companions

    Via: randomthunk

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    Via: Doctor Who TV

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    And All in All, He's a Regular Sweetheart...

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    Who Respects the Fans and Material

    Via: BBC

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    Bonus: We Can't Get Enough of That Accent

    Via: thedoctor-suekko
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