Baltimore Ravens Player Ma’ake Kemoeatu Retires from Football to Give His Brother - a Retired Steelers Player - the Kidney He Needs

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Ma'ake Kemoeatu has always been on the lookout for his brother Chris. As the eldest of seven siblings, Ma'ke felt it was always his duty to look after the rest of his family - going so far as to receive a game suspension after improperly providing Chris textbooks to finish his schooling.

So when Chris began suffering greater and greater problems from his kidney - flareups and near-constant pain that nearly prevented him from playing the game and forced him to retire early - Ma'ake stepped up and provided the organ for transplant.

According to their doctors, the two players are recovering well. Clearly this is one family willing to step up for one another.

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Taylor Swift Gives a Fan a Heartfelt Message About Bullying

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Above: Taylor Swift being the whitest woman at this year's Grammy's. Below: Taylor Swift being the nicest woman to a kid feeling alienated at school.

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