shark week

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Looks like someone didn't get enough attention during shark week.

This juvenile great white shark found her/himself beached on the friendly shores of Chatham, Massachusetts. Though the video appears at first to be a terrible vision of a doomed aquatic predator, the harbor master and tenacious beach visitors saved it.

The shark seems to place full trust in the professionalism of the do-gooders.

As they wrap the line around the shark's tail to drag it carefully back to the water, it's al like...

In the same vein, those helpers are trying to stay as far away from the many rows of teeth that would do some real damage if given the chance.

The whole affair comes merely days after the annual shark-stravaganza that is the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Since Discovery has been arguing that sharks are pretty intelligent, we can make the assumption that this little guy loved the attention he got from last week's television event and wanted more.

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