Artist Creates Photo Mashups Making Everyday Objects Into Art

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    Handlebars + Longhorn

    "Seeing as last weeks post was met with such an outpouring of love and repulsion, I thought I'd spare you guys any further human + chicken carcass interactions. So this week we get to imagine the alternative transportation potential of the Bullcycle®. And I know the handlebars need to be facing the other way, but this is just a prototype. The final will have a saddle and maybe a cup holder. Keep in mind, I haven't had a chance to run this thing past my patent attorney, but I can't imagine the U.S. Patent Office issuing us anything other than a greenlight for mass production to begin immediately. I see this as being kinda like those Citi bikes all over NY, but I still have some kinks on the backend that need to be sorted out. The main kink being, how to achieve a zero emissions rating. If anyone out there is well versed on eliminating cow farts, hit me up. Okay, supper time... gotta hop. Oh and I can't guarantee that there won't be any more human + chicken carcass combos in the future (like next week), but if there is one, I'll do my best to make it as unsettling as humanly possible. So until then, everyone be thinking... zero farts. ???? #combophoto"

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    Human hand + chicken foot

    "Can you smell that? Nope, it's not chicken feet. Take a big whiff. That's love tangled up in your nose hairs and it's definitely wafting through the air. Maybe not officially at this very moment, but later tonight while we're all comfy cozy, tucked into bed, jolly ol' St. Valentine will be out delivering heart shaped boxes filled with an assortment of weird inedible chocolates for all the good boyfriends and girlfriends. Or however that stuff works. So I'm here to wish everyone a happy early Valentine's Day. Or Valentimes, depending on what's side of the tracks you hail from. Or if you were a fan of the hit NBC television sitcom, 30 Rock. Also in the air... me not caring who you love. Genuinely, do... not... care. Go nuts. and by no means am I advocating any type of inappropriate human/chicken relations, but I'm not gonna be the obstacle between you and the special hand you want to hold. BONUS CHICKEN TRIVIA: I recall some young fella in the UK legally married a chicken nugget. Not here to judge. Not in writing at least. I haven't run that tidbit through our fact checking department, but I'll update everyone if I hear any differently. Anyway, go love who you love. end of discussion. #valentinesday#combophoto"

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    Guitar + bridge

    "#tbt to that magical weekend when the whole family schlepped our butts up to New York so I could hang out of a helicopter to take a photo of a bridge. Slightly excessive, but totally worth it. #combophoto"

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    Hose + waterfall

    "I may or may not be in a 4th grade parents orientation, so we're all gonna pretend this is some pressing work business that needs my immediate attention. If you keep reading, just know you're in it now. If I get in trouble, we all get in trouble. Let's begin... This is a three year old #tbt and very much a family affair. Okay, roll call: Playing the part of the hand is my beautiful hand model wife @lmcm2 (who also doubles as a face model). The dude holding my daughter is my brother in law, aka: Uncle Bryan... and pulling up the rear is my youngest daughter isla. This definitely goes down as one of my more memorable shoots. I'll spare you the details, but everyone pulled it together to make it happen. It was plagued by logistical challenges, technical challenges and physical challenges. My brother in law definitely got the short end of the stick, as he was the one that had to stand in that water the longest. I can't speak to the actual feeling of how cold that water was, but I know Bryan and Isla talk about it to this day. Not fondly. More in a PTSD sort of way. Headline: sounds like it was pretty cold. And though my oldest (@ab.anna_belle) didn't appear in the final image, she worked behind the scenes keeping everyone in line (as she's prone to do). Oh and there was a run-in with a Bear, but the aforementioned 4th grade orientation is over and I'm walking out of here. I really don't think anyone noticed so I think we're cool. Let's save the bear story for when I post this again three years from now. See you guys in 2022. #combophoto"

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    Desert + back

    "Just imagine all the hilarious dry skin related comedy that could've been said about this one. seriously, imagine it... (your imagination goes here)... and even though dry skin humor rarely disappoints... I'm in a bit of a rush to pick up a kid from gymnastics... so that's about all the time we have for that. #OverUseOfEllipses #combophoto"

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    Bug + bug

    "I just saw what time it was and then quickly realized I hadn't penned any words for this thing. So, umm... words... quick words... I wanted to drone on about @volkswagen and their big push on the whole electric thing. I dig it when we as humans make a conscious decision to produce machines that work in a complimentary way with nature, rather than infringing upon it. And I'll be straight up honest with everyone, I have no idea what the long term impact electric cars could have on things, but I feel pretty confident I know what CO2 emissions have been up to. Anyway, I'm just here to spread some cheer and spread it quickly because it's 7:44 and I like these things to get out the door at 7:45. Thanks for stopping by for this creature meets machine #combophoto. ??????"

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    Banana + snake

    "I was rummaging through my desk the other day when I came across my long lost list of potential #combophoto contenders to knock out before I die. The list is three pages long. "Banana + snake" was at the top of that list... aaaaand well, here we are. Now if you're thinking, "oh wow, he's probably going to have a lot of new #combophotos coming up." you should know I literally have ideas written down like... "back of the head alien sort of thing"... wish me luck figuring that one out. Unfortunately, the fail rate tends be high with these half baked ideas, but the more I fail, the more I learn, the more I learn the better I get, the better I get, the cockier I become... and then I'm quickly reminded of just how fleeting that feeling of confidence can be, simply because you have to go back to square one. The place where you tinker, test, experiment, get excited, doubt, have revelations, wonder, quit, persevere and often times fail... which as we all know, failure can easily be spun as a negative, but I see it as arguably the greatest learning tool that's at all of our disposal. You get to choose, fail up, or fail down? Dealers choice. #banana #snake #bananasnake #food #reptile #failure #fail #success"

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    AirPods® + fish/duck/carrots/swan

    "As you swipe through this week's post, you'll see there's been an ongoing study of AirPods. I know I'm not the first person to see all the faces hidden in those magical little headphones. Mostly I see a duck or swan head (missing its beak of course), but let's not ignore the fact that the speaker holes makes for a pretty compelling fish mouth... if you look at it right. Anyway, this week I thought I'd share a bit of the process of how I ended up where I ended up. These first two are where I ultimately wanted to land and the last two were experiments that led me to... not exactly where I wanted to land. However, my most trusted creative advisor (@mcmennamyab) said, "you should just post all of 'em." And so here we are, just posting all of 'em. #combophoto"

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    Dogs + people

    "1, 2 or 3? I'm just messing around with more genetic mutation stuff. I'll probably keep doing this until someone tells me to stop. By someone, I mean the authorities. Like the science community or whoever's in charge of policing things like the melding of human genes with canine genes. #combophoto"

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    Egg + belly

    "I think we'd all agree words aren't really necessary on this one. Primarily because I'm in the middle of making dinner for my brood. So here's wishing everyone a merry whatever and whatnot. Enjoy! ??????#combophoto"

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    Dress + sail

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

    "It only took 9 months(ish) to birth this idea. My brain was impregnated by this idea somewhere in Mexico as I watched sailboats cruise by, but it wasn't until a recent trip to Charleston South Carolina that I was able to adequately capture just the right sailboat. The labor process was pretty brief as I pushed this out of my computer and on to my phone. Everyone please join me in welcoming "dress + sail" to the world. #combophoto"

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    Wiener + dog

    "I think by now we've all see those cute little dog costumes that look like a hotdog? Well this isn't that. Nowhere close. But don't get all weirded out. It isn't real. It's just a prototype. Hoping to launch these in tandem with the carrot on duck feet hybrid in 2021. DM me if you dabble in genetic mutation. #combophoto"

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    Daughter + candy

    "I'm not sure how you guys define love, but when your kid willingly allows you to pelt them in the face with hard candy (repeatedly, I might add)... that has to rank pretty high on the love scale right? But then again, my daughter really, REALLY loves candy. Maybe this just became a mega meta #combophoto where love of dad and love of candy collide... or combine? Regardless of all those words... no matter what ?? is the ??. #tbt"

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    Car + popsicle

    "I made this one extra liney (perhaps for the line haters out there) and a diagonal line to boot. On some of my earliest #combophotos I tried using a very slight slanted line and I think one person said "I don't like it"... I guess it's taken me till now to ignore that comment. I guess I'm just trying to get back in touch with my slanted roots. Or something like that.??????"

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    Hotdogs + legs

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

    "When I asked my wife, "can you hang from a ladder and grease up your legs like hotdogs?" and without flinching, she said, "yes"... I knew I married the right person. Happy anniversary @lmcm2. I hope the next 15 get a whole lot weirder. #combophoto #hotdogsorlegs #15years"


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