Patient's Dark Sense Of Humor Sends Medical Professional Into Panic

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    Text - Tifu a MRI scan by having a dark sense of humour, that poor med tech. So I have a neurological disability among other health issues. I use a wheelchair, My legs are a pretty useless most of the time. I had an MRI scan appointment for my head; neck and spine. All is going to plan, the nurses tell me they will play some music for me as it's a pretty long scan (20ish minutes). Despite having had many scans they still scare me, mainly due to the cage that goes over your face which makes you f
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    Text - you're being locked into some kind of medieval torture device and the insanely loud horrifying noises (this is coming from someone who has moderate to severe hearing impairment!) So l'm in there for about 10 minutes, already shaking and generally having an unpleasant time. They stop to ask if l'm okay between the scans while some top 40 type music plays (I think l'Il take some SOAD with me next time). Anyway the guy asks me multiple times over headphones if I'm sure l'm
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    Text - okay, he's clearly not buying my bs! I lie through my teeth and he continues to the next scan, a new song starts and I hear "When your legs don't work like they used to before.." - Ed Sheeran I immediately start laughing my ass off, the scan stops abruptly. The Technologists voice comes back "Are you sure you're okay?!" Pretty sure he thought my laughing was hysterical crying or a seizure, oooopsie XD
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    Text - Anyway I thought l'd share a bit of my dark humour! Also we got the scan finished after I composed myself. We all had a good laugh! TLDR I made a medical professional panic and stop my MRI scan because he thought I was hysterically crying or having a seizure. In reality I was laughing at Ed Sheeran pointing out my being a cripple.
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    Doc wasn't ready for that.

    Text - cuts54 • 1d 3 1 Award After I came out of my 45 minute MRI for my neck some years ago, the tech congratulated me for doing so well. I told her that I had an moment of clarity in the tube. She was excited to hear such positive news, until I told her that I now knew I wanted to be cremated versus occupying a casket when I died. Put a damper on her mood....
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    All that worry gave way to some peace.

    Text - AcidRainDawn • 1d I've only had one MRI in my life, took about 20minutes. I was so worried about freaking out, as I suffer severe anxiety. The super loud noise and rhythmic clanking actually really calmed me down and I sorta zenned out. I'm sorry you find them so shitty. Also, go the SOAD, top 4Os would probably make me want to rage quit.


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