Old Stuff That's Been Upcycled Into New, Cooler Stuff

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    “When another bag with plastic bags became full, it was time to take action. This is the result."

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    “I found an old TV, cleaned it, and put an iPad inside. Now, this is an irreplaceable thing in our kitchen.”

    Electronics - ANGRY BIRDS
  • 3

    “I transformed my old grill into a small herb garden. I hope all the seeds will grow soon.”

    Lawn - Rem Bazg Socap PIETR NACIO
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    “I used a paper towel roll, glue, and some leftover rope to make a cat scratcher for my new kitten.”

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    “I came across this idea on Instagram and started growing parsley in a milk box.”

    Flowerpot - 09:32 13 14 202 20 02 SHAKE 13W
  • 6

    “My neighbor threw away an old bench, and I gave it a new life. My husband is joking that now, they might want it back.”

    Bench - WAXAIT
  • 7

    “I decided to find a new way to use an old towel. I just cut out these circles, sew together 2 pieces, and I’ve got reusable cotton pads.”

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  • 8

    "A phone stand made of a few Lego pieces. Simple and free if you have some Legos left."

    Electronics - Cololole
  • 9

    “I cut off strings from an old T-shirt, tied them into a ring, and made comfortable elastic bands.”

  • 10

    “My sweater from the 1990s + a zipper from an old bag = wool overalls for my kid”

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    "An old fan with a bad motor was transformed into a lamp."

  • 12

    “I gathered old plastic bags, glued them together with the help of an iron, and stitched them. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, and I’m proud of it.”

    Cheezburger Image 9513443840
  • 13

    “Sometimes, I get bored and I sew things. This is a dress I made from old velvet curtains.”

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  • 14

    "An abandoned car was turned into a stylish room presented on Airbnb."

    Land vehicle - Adhantong
  • 15

    “This is my first upcycling project. It’s probably more expensive than buying a new chest, but it’s way more interesting.”

    Furniture - くt


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