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Dog Named Belle Has the Freakiest Eyes and Gets So Much Love on TikTok for It


Meet Belle the dog who most likely can stare straight into your soul. She is a Doberman Pinscher/Australian cattle dog mix and because of that, her eyes are in a constant state of shock. Why? Just a roll of the dice, I guess? She looked pretty normal as a puppy, but the second she started growing a little bigger, her eyes were just like OH. MY GOD. and never stopped. 



They've gone to the vet, they've check out her sight, and Belle has no eye issues. She can see fine, blink fine, she just simply has a resting face that expresses a state that seems eerily similar to that of a veteran having a Vietnam flashback… But for Belle, she's not freaking out, she's not suffering, in face, she lives a beautiful live full of love. And TikTok is adding to the love for her. 


Her ma puts videos of Belle on the TikTok account @bellebows4117. She recently posted a video of an add she put on Craigslist for a mirror she's trying to sell that features Belle. In the photo her dog is staring at her own reflection looking like she just got a glimpse of her own soul and it's deep, maaaan. 


Mirror Dog

Belle Tippy Taps


For obvious reason, TikTokers are absolutely in love with Belle. She prances around with her eyes always looking terrified but her heart shining like the happiest little blissful baby. Though she burns a hole through you with her eyes, she burns right to your heart and you're instantly in love. She loves to sniff and play with her family. She takes a nap and her eyes are resting getting ready to put a flare of shock into everything she does. 



More Eyes…


She also loves to do her tippy taps. She will give a full own tap dancer performance and it's friggin' adorable. It's the cutest when any dog does some tippy taps, but Belle makes it urgent. Her tippy taps seem more important because her eyes make it seem like she is doing this to save her life. It's absolutely precious. 


Belle as a Pup


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