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Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers

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    Kitten With No Left Eye And Nostril


    An 8-month-old kitten was brought into a rescue group in Charleston, West Virginia. She had a bobtail and asymmetrical brain as well as no left eye or nostril. Quickly, she warmed her way into a reluctant man's heart, and despite all of her flaws, he loved her and took her in. 

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    Baby Yoda Kitten


    This 2-3 week old kitten was rescued by firefighters. On their rout, they accidentally found her in the middle of the road, and we're thankful that they picked her up and immediately rushed her to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter for examination. She is currently being taken care of by a medical foster. The Adorable kitten was named "Baby Yoda". 

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    Two Sheep Stuck In Deep Mud


    Two sheep were spotted by regular people like us. They saw that the sheep couldn't move in the mud, covered in it so badly, only their heads could be seen. Fire crews from Tutbury were called up and rescued the poor sheep, then gave them a short bath, and took them for an examination where they were looked over and released. 

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    Bengal Tiger Cub


    This adorable boy was actually rescued three years ago, but a few weeks ago, we finally got an update about where he is now. He was rescued from a wildlife trafficking attempt, found in the floorboard of a sports car. Customs and Border Protection officers rescued the little guy and made sure that he got the care that he needed. He now lives happily with another tiger.

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    Kitten Stuck In Car's Dashboard

    Vehicle door

    This adventurous kitten took one step too far and got stuck in the dashboard of a car. Luckily, the mechanics working there were incredible and decided, as a team, to tear apart the vehicle completely to rescue the little creature. They dug through the entire vehicle to find the kitten, and thankfully, they got a happy ending.

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    Kitten Saved Using Buttons


    This 5-week-old kitten was taken into emergency surgery with her face and jaw completely crushed. We're not sure how the kitten got hurt or who found it, but we're grateful that they did because if not for them, she wouldn't be here today. Doctors struggled fixing her jaw but eventually, they realized they could help her using buttons!

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    97 Animals Rescued


    In a property near Princeton, 97 animals, including 43 puppies, 24 dogs, 27 horses, and 3 cats, were rescued by BC SPCA Special Constables. The woman who had kept the animals has been investigated by them before, but unfortunately, she's good at hiding from authorities. Luckily, these animals were rescued and are now being taken care of. They are not up for adoption just yet, but the BC SPCA are looking for people to help them nurse the animals back to full health by donating.

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    Two Baby Squirrel Gliders


    Two baby squirrel gliders, weighing just 18 and 41 grams, were discovered in two separate locations - one at the base of a tree and one inside of a cat's mouth. The people who found them were regular people like us who came across them and decided that they were worth saving. The two of them were taken into the same care facility, and now, together, they seem to have fallen in love.

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    Two Newborn Kittens


    This is yet another story about two baby animals saved on different days in different places becoming best friends in their care facility. One of them was was found in a garbage dump and the other in the storage compartment of a pickup truck. For one of them, we know that the rescuers waited all day for the mother to return and get her baby, and only when she didn't, they decided to get the kitten help themselves. This is the kind of effort we appreciate immensely. 

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    Kitten With A Cleft Lip


    This little kitten who was born with a left clip was found outside all alone. Her rescuer, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) saw her outside while out trapping cats for spaying and neutering and took her into an all-volunteer feral cat rescue. This is a person who's made their job taking care of little feral animals, and for that, we are incredibly grateful. 

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    Three Kittens Trapped In A Building

    Cat - FOSC BCUB

    These Tamworth Fire Station happy firefighters were called in for a kitten kind of emergency that day. Three kittens were meowing inside of a concealed ceiling cavity. Luckily, the kittens were rescued and entirely uninjured. They were taken back to their owners totally fine, and we got this wonderful story and adorable pictures.

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    Puppy Saved From California Wildfire

    Rescue - 4601

    This puppy, in the midst of the wildfires raging in California, was unfortunately lost, its owners unable to locate it before having to evacuate. Thankfully, as the BCSO Search and Rescue team were scouring the properties, they found the little guy. He had some minor burns but was otherwise fine, taken into care. 

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    Swan Entangled In Barbed Hooks


    This gorgeous swan was found entangled in barbed hooks by the staff and crew of a boat hire company. They immediately called the Ridlington Wild Touch Wildlife Sanctuary and Broads Watch Safety and Rescue Team. The swan was too scared at first to let the rescuers get to it, but after 45 minutes of gently getting closer and closer, the swan was safely retrieved and transported into a sanctuary for treatment.

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    Dog Who Lost Entire Litter Adopts Kittens


    This beautiful German Shepherd mix dog was rescued from a gas satiation near the boarder of Mexico. She was pregnant at the time, but sadly, all of her babies were stillborn. Heartbroken, the founder of the rescue the dog was in looked for any orphaned baby animals who were in need of a mother and found three kittens. The dog and kittens bonded instantly, the kittens even nursing on the dog. 

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