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Cat Stuck In A Tree For Three Days Finally Rescued Using A Four-Story Scaffolding Platform

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    Jungle - © AP Scaffolding / SWNS

    As DailyMail reports, a situation that was meant to have an easy solution ended up becoming "[t]he world's most elaborate cat rescue." The entire town got involved in the rescue of a cat named Cookie. Residents of Tredegar spotted Cookie on the tree on Saturday. They tried getting the cat to come down using treats and cherry pickers, but the cat didn't move. 

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    After the RSPCA and the fire department failed to get the cat down, "a local scaffolding firm built a makeshift structure to try to get the cat back to the ground," but that didn't work either. The AP scaffolding workers left food and water at the top for the cat, but Cookie didn't come down for three days. 

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    Plant - © Tom Wren SWNS

    Eventually, with the help of a tree surgeon who "managed to get the cat into a bag and bring it down," the cat was taken back to safety. One of the coordinators of the event, a resident named Leanne Skinner, posted an update about the situation on Facebook, saying: "Well what a bonkers couple of days!" We can imagine. She added: "Without each and every attempt we wouldn't have got her down safely this evening."

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    Branch - © Tom Wren SWNS

    AP scaffolding posted an update on their page as well: "She's down! Thank goodness she's safe and can now be reunited with her owners. This truly was a community effort! From the cherry pickers, tree surgeon, the fire brigade, Gavin Townsend, Ryan Chislett, Brandon Gibbs, Jaydn Jackson and Pricey's Tree removal! Most importantly Leanne Skinner who never gave up, did everything she could and more to save the cat! We are extremely proud to have been part of this! Thank you all!"

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    Tree - © Tom Wren SWNS
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