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DIY No-Sewing Face Mask From T-Shirt: Style Two (Step by Step GIFS)

  • What you will need

    gif paper ruler fabric sitting on table Paper - O'UPFA b ruler

    This no-sew mask is very easy to make. All you will need is: 

    • fabric (a t-shirt works well as it is slightly stretchy)
    • scissors
    • a piece of paper 
    • a ruler 
    • pen 
    • something circular (a mug or coaster) 
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  • Step 1

    gif hands folding white piece of paper in half

    Take a piece of paper and fold it in half long ways.

  • Step 2

    gif hands tracing around coaster on white piece of paper

    Put a coaster (or whatever circular object you have) at the end of the paper and trace around one edge of it. This will make the end of the rectangle end in a semi-circle shape.

  • Step 3

    gif hands folding paper in half

    Fold the rectangle of paper in half.

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  • Step 4

    gif hands cutting piece of paper

    Cut around the curved edge you traced so both ends are circular.

  • Step 5

    gif hands marking paper with ruler and pencil

    Open up the paper. Get a ruler and make a mark 1.5 inches from the edge of the paper. Do this on both sides. 

  • Step 6

    gif hand drawing on piece paper to make mask

    Using the mark as a reference, draw a long oval shape. This is where your ear will go. 

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  • Step 7

    gif hand drawing loop on paper for face mask

    Draw another long oval shape on the other side. Now both ear holes are marked.

  • Step 8

    gif hands cutting out piece of white paper

    Fold your paper in half long ways and cut out the ear holes.

  • Step 9

    gif hands opening piece of paper face mask

    Open up the paper.

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  • Step 10

    gif hands placing white pattern on pink fabric

    Place your fabric on the table, then put the paper on top of the fabric.

  • Step 11

    gif hands marking around paper pattern for face mask

    Mark around the edges of the paper.

  • Step 12

    gif person cutting out around white paper mask pattern and fabric

    Cut out the fabric around the paper.

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  • Step 13

    gif hands opening beige fabric mask

    Separate the two layers of fabric and fold one piece of fabric in half longways.

  • Step 14

    gif hand folding beige mask fabric

    Fold the fabric in half again, then cut out the ear holes. 

  • Step 15

    gif hands stretching face mask out beige color

    This is what your mask should look like. 

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  • Step 16

    gif woman placing face mask on her face

    To put the face mask on, hold the middle section over your nose while you loop one ear hole over each ear. 

  • Step 17

    gif woman adjusting face mask beige color

    All done! This is what your mask will look like finished. See below for the whole video. 


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