23 Memes & Tweets About Funny Family Affairs

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    Text - tremulous_poodlet @EllieReedHayden My dad's name is Aaron so when I was little and he said he was going to run errands, I heard "Aarons" and figured that adults just called the chores they had to do by their own name, and to this day I still secretly think of my chores as Ellies :)
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    Furniture - dad has been standing in the same spot watching Mission Impossible 2 for the last 30 minutes or so Imao
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    Skin - *in the backseat, opening a bag of candy* Dads:
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    Text - Adam Gaylord @AuthorGaylord Me Pre-Kids: I'm never gonna lie to my kids ever. Me with Kids: just got off the phone with Santa, the firefighter dog from Paw Patrol, and the Green Power Ranger, and they all agree, if you don't put your shoes on, they're gonna have to put down another unicorn. Public Librar
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    Water - Gwen Denholm Yesterday at 4:22 pm · Good afternoon my beautiful beyhive it's your momma here. This is me in my garden drinking beer and giving it the middle fingers to my neighbor's who hate beyoncé..homecoming is playing very loud in the garden alliguel
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    Text - My 5y/o niece was asked to write down her daily routine and I couldn't relate more. Wake up 2 Stretch aHave a moment Busy
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    Text - Son, allow me to offer my warmest congratulations. I'm certain that you'll remember today as the happiest in your lite. Thanks, Dad. But the wedding's tomorrow! I know.
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    Text - Thanks, Son. My Mom worked hard today. She deserves a microwared hat day
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    Text - My dad sneaks his remote into the local bar so he can change the channel when he doesn't like what they have on
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    Text - That Mom Tho @mom_tho My 3 year old, who doesn't notice her pants are inside out or that her shoes are on the wrong feet, can spot a diced onion in her food from 3 feet away
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    Furniture - i told my grandma she looked cute today and she said she wanted to match her favorite chair lol Ashley Judith Gramouflage 00 40 14h Like Reply
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    Product - my aunt gave birth this morning and my grandpa is obviously very excited 000 T-Mobile LTE 5:08 PM ०79%। G 5 People Grandpa Ok
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    Text - My mother likes to use the microphone function rather than typing to text while driving. MESSAGES now Mom Oh oops. Press for more MESSAGES 1m ago Mom There's also some fried fish oh honey I know you are not fixing to get over in my lane
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    Text - Reyda @MsReyda What's the dumbest thing you did as a kid? Nobody @TheWurdsmith Wished I was an adult.
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    Text - nicole @nicole_pumpkins If you were the type of child that hoarded stickers because you couldn't commit to sticking them onto something and not be able to remove them in one piece..congrats, your now an anxious adult!
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    Text - Sarah Breen @SarahJayBee Sometimes I think I'm doing okay and then sometimes I hear the 3yo walking around the house muttering "I'm classy, bougie, ratchet" and start to doubt myself
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    Text - Mom and Buried @momandburied1 Is everyone else's spouse the most annoying person on earth when they're drunk and you're not? Cool, cool, cool. Just checking.
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    Face - *Kid gets small cut on leg* Dad: looks like we're going to have to cut it off @dad.wilder
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    Text - Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad I just need 8 to 12 hours of alone time in the mornings and then I'm recharged and ready to tackle the day
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    Text - lan Ford @ij_ford My dad texts like he's doing a phishing scam Dad 12:53, 4 Apr Hi lan, trust your okay and now settled in your new home. I am wanting to use your Netflix but to make life easier view it through our Sky Q rather than using Apple TV. In order to do this I need to input your email address and password. If you are ok with this would appreciate you forwarding or for security ringing me with your details. Many thanks Dad
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    Text - We have your children What are your demands? Are you crazy? This is the day care we closed at 5 come get these kids! dam I'm trippin! omw Delivered
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    Product - D Dad Just at work... tripping on acid. CORROSIVE SUBSTANCES KXGEE SAFE
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    Baking - you are in such a fun mood mom! that's because I'm drunk hun all


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