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Man's Fiancée Saves Duck, Shares Cute Pictures

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    "Dude was puttering around a gas station parking lot and couldn't seem to fly. She bought him some water which he drank very enthusiastically. No one else wanted to help him so she called an animal sanctuary and ended up driving him there."

    Motor vehicle - Kinetic Pac
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    "Apparently he was no where near as calm as he seems here."

    Motor vehicle - C-
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    "Little dude perched on the dash"

    Motor vehicle - 366 6O 70 B0 50 90, 20- 120 DEL Ford
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    Some comments that stood out to us!

    Text - scubaswanny· 11h ago via iPhone Your fiancée is a hero! 仓 366 || - Collapse replies trdfrgsn · 7h ago via iPhone And a keeper! I love this. This is genuine kindness. It's like stepping in when somebody is being bullied. Congrats. 仓 10
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    Text - S stitim • 9h ago via Android That duck has a great smile ! + 35 3 | + 1 reply
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    Text - IW42 10h ago via Android Condolences on your broken engagement. Duck is the fiancé now.
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    Text - chavnutsmcchav • 7h ago via Android And then it shat everywhere 仓 80 | Collapse replies RickyJudeB • 7h ago via Android Ducks shit EVERYWHERE. Bless my three. They are lucky they are cute. + 11 3 | + 3 replies ImProbablyReallyHighRightNow• 6h ago via Android Birds have no control of their bowels + 3 O | + 1 reply
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    Annnnd some good advice. Please don't be on your phone and drive!

    Text - astrid28 · 9h ago via Android I dont have a lotta room to talk... but clean your car. + 30 O G GhostsofAcid • 10h ago via Android Sure, but is she taking photos and driving? + 9 0 | + 2 replies

    Other than that, thank you kind samaritan for helping out this adorable duck in need! 


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