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Two Orphaned Otter Cubs Wandering The Streets Get Rescued

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    According to Centre manager, Steven Gray, "Otters will stay with their mothers in the wild until they are over a year old. We suspect their mum was involved in a road traffic accident or some form of disturbance and didn't return to her cubs so they have gone looking for her. They were seen wandering down the road in Inverkeithing on Saturday night."

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    He added that the female cub was spotted by someone simply taking out their trash. "She was making very loud peeping noises which was probably her trying to call for her mum. The members of the public followed at a safe distance to a nearby field where they were able to monitor her until we arrived. The pair wouldn't have survived on their own as they rely on mum so we are thankful the members of the public contacted us."

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    As they would have stayed with their mother in the wild, the cubs will stay in the rescue center until they are 12-14 months old. Before being released, they will be taught to feed and take care of themselves. Mr. Gray added, warning anyone who may come across an otter that they are "very agile and can have a nasty bite." Apparently, they see people as a threat, and out of fear, may react negatively if someone tries to approach them. The SSPCA, of course, has the means of approaching them safely, so if you come across an otter in need, the best thing to do is to call the professionals. 

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    We hope these lovely cubs grow up to be strong and independent and that their release back into the wild will be successful and joyous for all. For another adorable story, read about 2 polar bear cubs who had been abandoned by their mother getting pampered and loved

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