Shower Thoughts That Are So Profound, They're Actually Kind Of Dumb

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    Vertebrate - O r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/ProtoNewtype 3 days ago 9 10 24 3 8 8 8 4 Burger flipping is a thing where if you do it as a job its seen as a failure but if you do it recreationally it's a mark of success in life.
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    Font - r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/JohnnyRussian7 2 days ago 9 16 5 38 5 A cyber security student who can hack the the University's database and give themselves full marks probably deserves full marks
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    Font - A r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/True_Mad_Lad 2 days ago 2 4 e8 S7 2 6 If the colour of blood was different, the colour for danger would most likely change too.
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    Font - A r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/thedeepestofsighs 19 hours ago 2 5 6 3 3 Students going to law school are seen as bright and upstanding citizens, but lawyers are often ridiculed by society and considered by some to be evil.
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    Rectangle - C r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/JeffsBurnerAccount 5 days ago 3 2 Nature gives us our adult teeth way before we are responsible adults.
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    Mammal - r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/An_aussie_in_ct 8 hours ago 14 O 8 8 3 4 We really don't appreciate the fact that email is free
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    Font - r/Showerthoughts · Posted by u/LouisHendrich 4 days ago 2 4 Philosophers are simply adults who never stopped questioning "why" as a child.
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    Font - r/Showerthoughts · Posted by u/Ryanb788 3 days ago We do not have a good grasp on just how much humanity can progress in a lifetime. In a single one, we went from the first flying machines to putting a man on the moon, and in the next lifetime, we went from room-sized computers to ones we carry in our pocket that are incomprehensibly faster.
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    Font - A r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/theDWORF 3 days ago Once electric cars are mainstream, someone will modify them to be really loud.
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    Font - O r/Showerthoughts - Posted by u/HatefulkeelJr 4 days ago If you work at a hospital and get into a bad enough car wreck on the way to work, you'll likely still get to your destination
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    Product - r/Showerthoughts · Posted by u/Dense_Solution_9991 5 days ago 4 3 You can trigger dopamine reactions in other people at will once they do something nice to you by reminding them they did something nice for you and saying thank you


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