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Goofy Cats And Their Most Hissterical Habits (Tumblr Posts)

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    Font - dangerousmoron Follow "Heh, yeah," I say as I take not one, but two cat toys out of the half full cat food bowl, because my house cat that hasn't had to hide her leftovers from predators a day in her one year of being alive always tries to cover it up, compulsively scraping over the floor, sometimes overturning her dry food or water bowl in the prcess. 231,364 notes

    We feel like this post captures purrfectly what it means to live with a weirdo cat. The acceptance, the mild sense of amusement... this is a cat owner who's used to the shenanigans and has learned to love them. Truly, we relate, and we hope these goofy little hooligans stay just as they are furrever. 

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    Font - phantomangel87 Follow My cat yowels after using the litterbox. I have no clue why. Hes not in pain nor ever has been (hes been doing this for about 8 years) His litterbox is in the basement, and when he does it at 3 in the morning, well let's just say I'm sure our neighbors think we keep kids trapped in the basement

    Is this a thing for cats? Because one of ours does the same thing sometimes. Just comes out of the litter box and screams his head off, as if he's announcing his most majestic poops to everyone. We can't imagine those screams coming out of the basement though, that would probably give us a heart attack every time it happened, not just the neighbors.  

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    Rectangle - urituretloquitur Follow Me, watching my cat miss the edge of the bed and slide off for the third time this week: you okay, Judy? Judith, my cat: *says nothing, sits in imperious silence* Me: okay then
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    Rectangle - marimo-o Follow I tell my friends "my cats are so fucking dumb". My friends say "don't be mean". They both drink from the bathroom sink, drop toys in the water bowl, one looked directly into the automatic lazer pointer while it was on, i could go on forever
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    Rectangle - queer-human-being Follow My cat get stuck in the tree when he's scared of the dog and then he's crying until I came for him to put it down, then he wakes away like a drama queen and don't look at me.
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    Font - cas-sauntered-vaguely-downwards Fo My cat, getting terrified by grass: *shrinking back, then skittering away and fleeing into the house in complete and utter Terror* Me, hiding the offending grass-blades: My Lady, I have slain the beast. Pumpkin (my cat): *peers out nervously from beneath the ottoman*
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    Font - miraclelevellan Follow My cat screams at my closet to get my attention. She use to do it when I had a mirror closet and she just never kicked the habit
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    Product - swiftfeatherwings Follow So true. My cat waits for me to open the window before going out then ten minutes later she waits for me to open it again. Even if it's still open, she needs it wider. And she still looks like a queen waiting for her maid...
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    Font - glyndarling Follow We have a track-ball tower (like this one) because Kiwi loves herself a ball in a track. I had to close the hole in the top tier with duct tape because she kept getting her head stuck in it a la cone of shame and then couldn't get into the cat box.
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    Font - twistedmOth Follow yeah akfjjfksjk one of my cats doesn't know how to open doors that aren't even closed and i think he's spread the idiocy to the rest of my cats cause i caught one of the other boys meowing at my door the other day when it was like half open
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    Slope - assie1990 Follow One of our two cats likes to use the mat by the front door for scratching, but sometimes a nail will get stuck. And when that happens she'll try to get it loose for a little bit, but if it doesn't immediately work, she'll just lay down right there and give up! And then obviously fight you when you try to help her, cause why not?
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    Rectangle - rainy-the-lionhart Follow My cats constantly get stuck on the roof. They don't remember how to come back in through the window they just went out through.
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    Font - wisecollectorofbooks Follow My cat, rolling over on the couch and falling off the couch. At least once a week.
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    Human body - henn-solo Follow suddenly remembered that one time Loaf got her head stuck under the sofa and when I helped her she meowed at me like it was my fault

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