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Instances Of Men Mansplaining Dog Training (Hint: Don't)

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    Font - Guy on the street mansplained dog training to me [Vent] Open I was having a good walk with my dog tonight. We have been working on listening with heavy distraction, and my dog was doing well. When I asked for her attention and she gave it, she got a treat (she's very food driven). We got to a crosswalk, I asked her to sit, and she did, I gave her a treat. I was feeling pretty good about how things were going.

    Heck yeah, feel good about your awesome progress with the doggo! Celebrate the small victories. We love feeling the satisfication of our doggos' behavior improving and becoming more bonded to us. What we don't love? Mansplaining.

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    Font - Then a guy standing nearby, who saw what I did, decided to lecture me about how I shouldn't be "treat training" my dog, because she is already listening well, and all I'm teaching her is that treats don't mean anything, and that I should be saving the treats for "really important" things. He told me that it's equally important that *I* listen and take cues from my dog, and not just the other way around, and that she was clearly telling me she already understands, so now I need to stop rew

    Hello? Who are you? Who asked for your opinion? No? Okay bye Felicia.

    Check your bad vibes at the door, and keep an open mind!  


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    Font - This isn't the first time it has happened, either. A little while ago, my dog ignored me when I told her to leave something (still a huge work in progress for us) and grabbed a partially-eaten chicken wing off the ground, so I had to take it out of her mouth. Guy walking by says, "you really have to train them not to do that." Oh, you don't say? Train a dog? That hadn't even crossed my mind! Thanks, dude! Seriously. Unless you see someone lose their temper or mistreat their dog, mind your

    No one wants your unsolicited dog training advice. Let's focus less on criticizing others and focus more on improving our selves, being better people, and better dog owners. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

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    Organism - Jev_Ole · 4d Maybe you should have given that guy a pat on the head, considering it's such a great reward. G Reply 139 Phyredanse · 3d That's beautiful! Definitely made me laugh.
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    Font - CarmenCage · 4d For some reason imo it seems like guys think dog training is a 'dude' thing. I've had the same thing with my dog. He is incredible, and extremely well trained. However I still get guys (friends and randos) telling me what I should do, how I should train him, or that l'm not taking care of him correctly. I feel your frustration. I wish there was one thing to say to shut up people and their opinions about my dog. Or that guys would understand that their opinions are really n
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    Font - Minorihaaku · 3d Story of my life. I am a young, female dog trainer. Old guys with 0 knowledge mansplaining all the time.
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    Facial expression - HonoraryBoyscout · 3d Biggest pet peeve. That and when people say "why are you [enforcing boundary/rewarding good behavior]? She behaves well!" HOW DO YOU THINK SHE LEARNED TO BEHAVE WELL??
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    Font - ModestScallop · 3d I mentioned my dog was reactive to other dogs on a dating app once, and the guy told me I should bring her to a dog park and have her be surrounded by dogs for hours to "fix it". I can't even imagine what a freaking disaster that would be; here's a dog that blows up when ONE dog even tries to approach or sniff her. She would lose it going to a super populated dog park and it would set her training back months, if she ever truly got over it. And of course, when I politel
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    Font - suburban_hyena · 4d paw flair "call your dog back" "why do you think I'm saying her name? For fun"
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    Font - 2cocos · 4d I had an older neighbor tell me that giving my dog treats during walks (we were counter-conditioning due to severe reactivity from under-socialization and rehoming) was rewarding his bad behavior. Well, yesterday was the three month mark since our adoption and our dog is truly a different beast than when we got him. He has made sooo much progress it's insane. We've worked really hard but the barking is down 95% and we rarely treat during walks unless it's obedience-related. I'
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    Rectangle - 2 _Lucky_Devil · 3d Lakeland Terrier I saw a old guy actually stop someone training for Guide Dogs For The Blind and give them training advice. Lol. Listen old fart, until you've trained "intelligent disobedience" to an animal, kindly stfu and step aside.
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    Font - ubiquitous_spork · 4d I feel you girl! I had a guy mansplain to me once that I really should be letting my dog play and run around with his dog because "that's what dogs do" when my dog had been hit by a car a few days prior and couldn't even walk without pain (luckily without serious injuries!).
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    Font - madamejesaistout · 4d That's so annoying! My eleven year old dog is very food motivated. It's consistently the best way to get his attention. So I use treats! Simple as that. I sometimes fantasize about confronting someone who criticizes my training by saying, "Oh [trainer's name] you look different. I want expecting to see you today." When they look confused, l'd say, "Aren't you [trainer's name]? That's my dog trainer, I only take training advice from her." Luckily people in my neighbor

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