Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

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    Font - r/ProRevenge + Join 75% of my pay? Ok..l will get a new job! Not me, but a guy I worked with 10 years ago. I guess it counts as a revenge. I worked with a guy who really stuck it to his ex wife. When I met him he was working in a sporting goods store making 8 dollars an hour. He was not really like the other retail monkeys. He was older, well groomed, well spoken, clearly educated etc. One night after work he gets into his car, and I couldn't help but notice that it was a very very nice n
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    Font - He had been an SVP at a well known fortune 50 company (which I will NOT mention the name of!), pulling in 300k with bonuses and stock options. He was married but the marriage fell apart and in the divorce, she demanded that she get the house and 40% of his wages. He and his lawyer somehow managed to get her to agree to let him keep the house in exchange for 75% of his dollar figure or employer specified lol. As soon as she took the settlement he quit his job and looked for a minim
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    Font - She was furious of course, and tried to re-sue him but failed at least once and when she claimed that the settlement was not keeping her in the life style she was accustomed to, he simply told the judge that the divorce was traumatic to him and he could no longer do his old job as a result. At least at that time, she did not manage to get out of the deal. Not sure how it all ended. But I thought it was f level spiteful. ing brilliant if not crazy-
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    Font - He was a good employee too...good with customers, showed up on time, no bullshit absenteeism or anything like that. He claimed he loved each payday because it reminded him how little she was getting. 6.6k Q 410 1, Share
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    Font - tamatsu · 5y I really hope he got the last laugh, and that he still smiles every payday even now. 1.5k NatanGold · 5y Ten years on, he probably did. Alimony only lasts until the receiving spouse remarries; assuming his ex-wife found a new partner, it would be more fiscally sound to remarry (from tax benefits of joint filing) than to continue receiving that pittance of alimony. Among the elderly, there a lot of women who will not remarry because they would lose [ex-]spousal benefits from a
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    Font - I have actually heard of something similar to this. There is a wine company that sells their wine at Trader Joe's called Two Buck Chuck. I'm no wino but it is supposedly very good wine and you can get a bottle for about two dollars. It used to be more expensive before the owner lost a large chunk of all future revenue in his divorce settlement, so he lowered the price to cut his ex out of as much money as he could. 10 ...


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