75 of the Funniest Food Memes for People Who'd Rather Be Eating

  • 1

    1. On second thought, I'm good

    Food - "Yo can you pass the spaghetti?" "I gotchu"

    Hopefully they've been on the Purell tip. 

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  • 2

    2. Bread balls really used to hit different.

    Food - how many of y'all ate yall bread like this?

    Maybe that childhood hand grime took this "dish" to the next level.

  • 3

    3. Every kid's favorite beverage


    Do I taste a hint of paprika in there?

  • 4

    4. Is this a new kind of bulletproof coffee?

    Plant - I'm an adult and nobody can stop me KEURIG ON HAANG PAPA JOHNS Better Ingeediemts Better Pazza Special Garlic Dipping Soucr NTI TEARASAE

    This person woke up and chose violence

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  • 5

    5. Bottoms up.

    Food - Baked beans in a deliciously I'm thinking HEINZ BEANZ about those beans. rich tomato sauce of 1your Say HARD SELTZER BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ 5% ALC/VOL HEINZ HARD SELTZER 50 HOA

    The "z" stands for zesty. 

  • 6

    6. A true blast from the past.

    Food - This was all you needed for a birthday party "back in my day Gr

    That sugar water had kids bouncing of the damn walls. 

  • 7

    7. The pizza Lunchables were better

    Food - Y'all wonder why millennials can't stop buying avocado toast but y'all raised us on charcuterie boards

    You were definitely privileged if you brought Lunchables to school.

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  • 8

    8. Where's the lie?

    Food - Ramen is just Weeb Spaghetti

    A weeaboo's perfect date? Ramen, anime, and a cuddle sesh with the waifu body pillow. 

  • 9

    9. I'm going Febreeze freeze.

    Food - What are you ordering the Ice Cream Truck? Vanilla Ice's Strawberry Longcake Nailsicle Febreeze Spongebob Bar Vanilla Ice Freeze @food_ilysm POP Bowl of Ice Tylenol Cone Skyline Chili Hot Dogs Cream That Board Pull Pop Looks Like Dick Cheney's Forehead OLAMON Bowl of Coleslaw Orbeez Tony Soprano Bar Pokemon Fudge Pop Diamond

    None of these options are as toxic as the Dick Cheney forehead ice cream. 

  • 10

    10. I wonder why

    Food - What's up babe, you've barely touched your beans on Oreo CRED

    This had better be a troll

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  • 11

    11. It's a toxic french dip.

    Photograph - I love SubwayTM because you can get unlimited Powerade on your sandwich PUSH HERE PUSH HERE EM FUZE ED ICED TEA VEE TEE

    Blue food is supposed to be good for you, right?

  • 12

    12. It'll put some hair on their chest

    Food - Gerber OPEN Baby's first heart attack! Gerber IABLE Ghost Peppers nd 2Foods 0180 NET WT/PESO NETO 4 0Z (113g) TEAR HERE

    Got to start them on the spicy stuff young.

  • 13

    13. Just one of the many reasons we love Publix.

    Cake - I WANT BELIEVE Roxy @redrawnoxen Publix cake decorators should get $50/hr MN CAKE 9.9 SPECIALTY 13:00 · 4/5/20 · Twitter for iPhone

    I mean, these cakes are next level.

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  • 14

    14. Olives as meal replacement

    Food - off work late? hungry, but too tired to cook? try 30 to 40 olives 30 to 40 oliyes an easy weeknight dinner eat them directly out of the jar with your fingers you will certainly not regret eating 30 to 40 olives

    They're not that terrible for you, just watch those sodium levels.

  • 15

    15. This person is using 100% of their brain

    Food - This is beyond science Ove Gande. AAN KITCHEN

    Has science finally gone too far?

  • 16

    16. Well, she gets points for creativity.

    Food - my girlfriend asked what i wanted for dinner so i said "surprise me" this isn't what i was expecting lol

    But we're no sure if we'd want to eat this…project.

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  • 17

    17. It's an apple, but hot.

    Fluid - Dan White @atdanwhite Love my Instant Pot. Makes cooking a breeze. Just tossed in an apple and a cup of water and in 25 minutes I had a really hot apple.

    Double the doctor avoidance powers.

  • 18

    18. The marketing team behind Avocado needs to mix it up

    Jaw - Steven (with a ph) @SJKSalisbury Another wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy, like a mood ring or a novelty eraser?

    These balls are getting pretty old.

  • 19

    19. The heels are the most understood slices of bread.

    Food - l'd rather starve.

    Take pity on their neglected and rejected souls

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  • 20

    19. It's all about the power of choice

    Food - The best part of grocery shopping is going to the produce section and picking out the contents of your garbage two weeks from now 100% organic THE DAD 20

    The smell of rotting kale haunts my brain.

  • 21

    21. Ah, a charcuterie spread for 5 year olds.

    Publication - whomst is Cy?? @Сyfur How it started: How it's going: TE SININ 218 18 2.18 122 AS mentos mentos 2.18 218 94 94 Triden 11.12 unchables EARA enn

    Someone needs to tell them that you can buy some real deal cured meats for the same price.

  • 22

    22. I know it smell crazy in there.

    Food - We really got sat down and served this at 10:30am and just said "aight" Gallikert Potomac Farms P Lowfat Chocolate Milk SCHOOL MEALS

    This revolting spread definitely triggers that public school lunch PTSD.

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  • 23

    23. This place was always legit

    Product - "The Best Restaurant in Town" Starter Pack CocaCola PEPSI 44 CORNED BEEF ROAST TURKEY BLACKFOREST HAM ROAST BEEF NEW ORLEANS TURKEY SALAMIS CERVELAT GENOA HUNGARIAN GERMAN PIZZA SALAMI PIZZA PEPPERONI HUNTER SUMMER BEER PASTRAMI Brown tiles everywhere 168 $1.92 172 $185 $2 30 1214 0 214 0 $2.14 G $2.14 A $1 35 A $1.35 M $1.50 S 150 150 70 Coca-Cola Caf Family Owned

    Support small businesses.

  • 24

    24. Some people want to watch the world burn

    Plant - Today at work I found some Wild Corndogs growing in their natural habitat. This was real exciting for me as I have never picked fresh corndogs before, but I have no idea how to tell when they are ripe as they tasted horrible no matter how much mustard I put on them Ain

    There's no way that's a good texture.

  • 25

    25. We're all experts from the comfort of our home.

    Font - rax king @RaxKinglsDead me critiquing chefs on tv: i can't believe this stupid asshole forgot to deglaze his pan before adding his braising liquid me preparing food at home: this is my beans and my rice. i like it because the beans has a bean flavor and the rice has a rice flavor

    Mmm, bean flavor

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  • 26

    26. Okay, this is definitely a food crime.

    Food - Polish Sushi POLSKIE MEMES

    Don't you dare call this sushi.

  • 27

    27. There's actually a Chrome extension for this.

    Font - Jennifer Wright @JenAshleyWright Why does every recipe online for something relatively straightforward, like guacamole, have a seven page prologue about some woman's husband's feelings about guacamole JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN RECIPE, LISA. 2/2/19, 4:56 AM 203 Retweets 2,655 Likes

    It's called Recipe Filter and oh my god, it's saved us so much time. You're welcome. 

  • 28

    28. Shoot it right into my mouth

    Product - Waiter: How much dressing would you like, sir? Me: adam.the.creator HOLDS 38. SALAD Ranch saANER OF DRESSING Hidden Valiey Ranch SOAKER SALAD THE ORIGINAL COVER YOUR SALAD IN THICK CREAMY RANCH! SALAD DRESSING CUN MADE WITH MOMUS

    Time to get totally soaked

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  • 29

    29. What Gordon Ramsay says goes.

    Font - Kobna @MrKobna *Me watching Kitchen Nightmares* Me: That doesn't look too bad Gordan Ramsay: That is hideous Me: Hideous >

    We don't make the rules. He does.

  • 30

    30. Spitting truth

    Bottle - Quick survey - is this good? Doesn't have to be bomb. I just can't remember what it tastes like. But it's decent right? Made With Natural Fruit Jujces Hecho cON Jugo de Frutas Naturales ake With Natural Fruit Juices decho con Jugo de Frutas Naturales HAWATIAN PUNCH HAWATIAN PUNCH 60 RED 60 Nebural t Artificial Fr Filvered Juie Pri3 CAL @TheAyannaShow 1 GAL (3.78) 7Artificiales de Frutas This drink never gets cold no matter how much ice you put in it

    This stuff is definitely toxic

  • 31

    31. It's not even close

    Jaw - Who would win? The advanced human One beefy boi gastrointestinal system Esophagus Stomach Large intestine Duodenum Small intestine Cecum Colon Appendix lleum Rectum Anus

    It always seems like a good idea. Until it goes out the other end.

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  • 32

    32. Boiled hot dogs are sus


    Team Grilled all the way

  • 33

    33. Appetite: Lost

    Organism - mustard clown MMXIX @markydoodoo sometimes i put ranch dressing in my coffee. i call it a hidden valley latte and it's disgusting 5:55 AM · 1/11/19 · Twitter for iPhone

    That's one way to lose weight (by vomiting)

  • 34

    34. Finally!

    Product - organics Pre-Cracked egg Saves time! No messy hand I enjoy JA-RU 9440418 CHINA Fimally! NET WT: 50 g Includes 1 egg obvious plant Just heat and serve!

    This is the product we've all been waiting for

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  • 35

    35. Potatoes won't hurt you like your ex did

    Outerwear - me Potatoes in literally any form

    Potatoes are loyal and consistent.

  • 36

    36. Emergency tots are clutch


    Free garnish (lint)

  • 37

    37. Don't test me

    Food - "you can't eat all that" me: UBS 9 Gmfao.alva

    I'll eat my plate and yours

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  • 38

    38. Take it to the next level by adding some oregano

    Smile - when you're making a frozen pizza but not all the pepperonis are spread evenly so you rearrange them just a little Chef Excellence

    Don't forget the red pepper flakes 

  • 39

    39. There's always a sob story

    Font - e bunnibel Follow Every episode of Chopped Contestant: my wife left me and took the kids... my one star restaurant is getting shut down... my parents disowned me... I have nothing. I am a shell of a man. Ted: the question was why did you put cinnamon on pickles. #fuck #chopped #text 6,727 notes

    And there's always a blunder

  • 40

    40. Why don't we call them this?

    Food - Jan Kaluza @JKashaar You: "Curly fries" Me, an intellectual: "Rotatoes" Traducir Tweet

    The best fries deserve a name of this caliber.

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  • 41

    41. It's treason

    Nose - when you find out someone ate the food you were saving for later

    And they must be punished

  • 42

    42. This isn't a game, it's art

    Food - "Don't play with your food" Me:

    How could anyone eat this masterpiece?

  • 43

    43. Not for long.

    Cheek - when u get home drunk af and remember u have leftovers

    These leftovers are not long for this world

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  • 44

    44. Nothing better

    Organism - Pressing play on netflix with a full plate of food Finally, inner peace.

    Let the happiness commence. 

  • 45

    45. This is way better than some dead flowers


    They taste better, too

  • 46

    46. It's all about plating

    Food - Me after watching 12 minutes of Masterchef DEW

    Gotta have some kind of smear or drizzle. It's the law.

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  • 47
    Forehead - "What do you want to be when you grow up?" BC GENA BUMGARNER Chicken Nugget Scientist
  • 48

    47. Why god, why

    Food - MEAT-GHETTI & SPAG-BALLS 7.00 mama mia. made with mematic 3.

    Look how they massacred my boy

  • 49

    48. Big Pumpkin Spice must be stopped


    This craze has been out of control for a very long time

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  • 50

    50. They couldn't be more different


    Just buy a freaking lemon

  • 51

    51. Such a treat

    Font - Shower Thoughts @showerfeelings "Muffins" backward is exactly what you want to do when you take them out the oven.

    Wish we could bottle that smell.

  • 52

    52. It's the perfect date

    Recipe - Y'all can keep your Netflix & Chill, I'm trying to FIRST ALERTWATHER FOX PIZZA AND PLOW UNION PIER JUST IN Now Buffalo Twp. Library GGreat Lakes Caston School Corporation e Opening 2 hours late Friday, January 5, 2018 FOX 8:51 7 IMICHIANA

    Hopefully they're not offended by garlic breath.

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  • 53

    53. Hanger is totally real

    Tableware - When my attitude goes away cuz l'm about to eat HERO HUNNY

    And I am desperately sorry for the pain I cause my friends and family when hungry.

  • 54

    54. Who's gonna tell them?

    Cartoon - People: Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza because it's a fruit Tomato:

    Honestly, it's not that bad. Sweet and salty,  baby.

  • 55

    55. You're not the boss of me

    Green - When someone says "haven't you eaten enough?"

    I'll eat as much as I want

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  • 56

    56. Mmm, salmonella

    Product - It's a sushi kinda night Nes TOL HOUS MINI CHOCOEATE CHIP @TodayYearsOld @BRIANNAFAITHVC Ah yes the salmonella roll

    That's one way to eat dessert and lose weight.

  • 57

    57. Planning is important

    Product - When you make food to eat while watching Netflix but finish it all before the opening credits

    Timing is everything

  • 58

    58. This is the worst feeling ever

    Smile - When you get home and someone's eaten up all the food you been thinking bout all day

    It's worthy of an extreme punishment

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  • 59

    59. It me

    Hair - Deep down, we are all Michelle Tanner Whenl seeaconkire Daant largetaboutit HEY POTATO CHIPS COME OUT IWANT TOEAT YOU Ice cream is veimportan?

    She has the right priorities. 

  • 60

    60. It's basically dieting

    Food - Me: I'm just going to have one scoop Broyers BLASTS! OREO scottafiers tt aram 130

    Ice cream is such an amazing vice.

  • 61

    61. Snacks are clutch

    Cartoon - Me carrying my midnight snacks to bed

    It's good to go with foods that don't shed crumbs.

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  • 62

    62. But they're worth it

    Food - When you want to burn your tongue 25 individual times

    Totino's for life

  • 63

    63. Only children really have it good, kid

    Cartoon - PARENTS: you have to share with your sibling! ME:

    "Sharing is caring" got old a long time ago

  • 64

    64. Just...why

    Food - Mashable M @mashable Peeps on top of pizza. DEBATE. DI DANK MEMEOLOGY VINCENT @vinnycrack I wish we all died in 2012

    This is a sin far greater than Hawaiian pizza.

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  • 65

    65. Mmmm, grass

    Recipe - Buffy Delicious breakfast with herbs George Look like you left the window open while they was cutting grass

    Hey, getting roughage in one's diet is important. 

  • 66

    66. Lifting a burger is good exercise

    Brick - -Where are u? -'m at the gym -Send pic GYM At the gym 13

    If you buy enough quarter pounders it's like lifting weights

  • 67

    67. It's just so wasteful

    Food - people in movies have this kind of breakfast and they only grab a strawberry and be like "gotta go hun!" Pleaime SAES

    I would be going ham on that spread

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  • 68

    68. What do strawberries know?

    Product - You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of "fruit". What, this is outrageous, it's unfair.

    You think tomatoes will go to the dark side?

  • 69

    69. It gets us every time

    Microphone - A truck carrying Worcestershire sauce crashes. Dispatcher: What's the situation? Deputy: It's hard to say

    Why can't they make these things easy?

  • 70

    70. Pizza and breadsticks, the loves of my life

    Food - Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression and helps you live longer Order online ot

    "You are…so beautiful…to me…"

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  • 71

    71. Consistency is difficult

    Food - me: I need to make healthier choices also me literally 10 seconds later MEMES

    How can we say no to cookies?

  • 72

    72. Didn't ask, don't care.

    Gesture - When someone tells me how many calories something has don't care.

    Miss me with those numbers

  • 73

    72. Define "diet"

    Product - When you ask someone if their diet is going well YES YESTERDAY I ATE A WHOLE PIZZA
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  • 74

    74. Every damn time

    Glasses - Me: *turns my back away for 3 seconds* Pot of pasta I'm boiling:

    It's almost as though the pot is taunting me.

  • 75

    75. Spitting the truth


    8 inches doesn't cut it in the pizza department. 


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