Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bear Reviews Tell Tales of Toilet Terror

  • 1
    Amazon gummy bear review of Haribo Sugarless - 5 stars.
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    Funny Amazon review for Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears which cause diarrhea.
  • 3
    Funny 1-star Amazon review of Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears recommending to also but some cleaning supplies to get the diarrhea stains out of everything.
  • 4
    Amazon review of gummy bears claiming they are better than magnesium citrate used before a colonoscopy.
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  • 5
    Hilarious review for Haribo sugarless gummy bears on Amazon that he ate a few handfuls of at work.
  • 6
    Amazon review of how someone used the Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears to find out and get revenge on whomever was stealing his food.
  • 7
    Amazon review about Haribo Gummy Sugarless Gummy Bears and that his wife left him after the damage he did to the plumbing after eating a few.
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  • 8
    Haribo sugarless Gummy Bear review on amazon that start with them saying they sneezed out of their butt hole
  • 9
    Funny 1-star review on Amazon for Haribo Gummy Bears shooting out your internal organs.
  • 10
    you will crap rainbows written in an amazon review for Haribo sugarless gummy bears
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  • 11
    Haribo sugarless bear review on Amazon claiming it caused world war 3 at their house
  • 12
    Amazon review for haribo sugarless bear that suggests diapers for a month after eating
  • 13
    Funny Amazon review of Haribo sugarless gummy bears with optimistic tone about considering your alternatives
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  • 14
    Review for Haribo Gummy Bears on Amazon joking written as apology note to a teacher with explanation that she is no longer asked to provide a snack for the class
  • 15
    Great amazon review for Haribo gummy bears as a laxative for reluctant colon
  • 16
    Steve Stark leaves a review for Haribo sugarless gummy bears joking that at the hospital he works at they are used instead of an enema
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  • 17
    Amazon review of Haribo Gummy Bears urging potential customers to read the side effects
  • 18
    Haribo Sugarless gummy Bear review of how it terrorized his stomach like a pack of wild bears
  • 19
    Diabetic chimes in about how people buy him Haribo sugarless gummy bears without realizing their laxative properties
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  • 20
    Amazon review of Haribo sugarless gummy bears joking they should be listed as a WMD
  • 21
    haribo sugarless gummy bears review on Amazon of anal exorcism
  • 22
    Funny amazon review for sugarless gummy bears by Haribo


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