Dude Buys a Coat From Goodwill, Eerily Finds a Funeral Program in the Pocket for a Man With the Same Full Name and From the Same Hometown as Him


TikToker James Willis aka @unicorntacoz shared a story with his followers on TikTok that really stuck with him from about a decade ago. He was going to a convention and wanted to cosplay Dr. Who. As cosplayers or anyone looking for create a specific costume look, he went to the trusty Goodwill to find the pieces of clothing he could work with for cheap. He eventually found the perfect jacket for his cosplay and purchased it. Little did he know that fate left him an eerily note in the pocket. 



When he got home he started toying around arranging his cosplay costume and discovered something in the jacket pocket. It appeared to be a program for something. When he read it, all the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It was a funeral program for a man with his exact first and last name who was from the same hometown as him, except this man died was born in 1918 an d!ed in 1998… 


“True Story”


He promises it is a true story, he even follows up the video with another one showing off the program he found in his pocket. Though the program was a little unsettling, he still wore the jacket for his Dr. Who cosplay and didn't really think much of it. Though he says he kept the program because, like… WHAT IF THAT'S HIS FUTURE?!


The Program:

The Cosplay:


Many viewers are saying just that—this passed man was him from another lifetime. Or maybe he BECAME Dr. Who and this is him from another dimension?? One person commented. “Future you left a note: DO NOT time travel here.” Another person added, “So what you're saying is… You went back FOR YOUR COAT?” This person said, “when you're reincarnated and find your old coat.” Oner person even jokingly added, “ha, You asked for a doctor who cosplay and instead you got a starring role in a new episode.” 


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